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1U AMD® Opteron™ 6100 (Magny-Cours), Opteron™ 6200 (Interlagos), Opteron™ 6300 (Abu Dhabi) G34 Server Barebones
TYAN's AMD Opteron 6100 (Magny-Cours), Opteron 6200 (Interlagos) , Opteron 6300 (Abu Dhabi) 1U server barebones are delivering more processing power for HPC and supercomputing applications. All TYAN’s socket G34 products support Opteron processors and feature 3-channel DDR3, PCIe Gen 2 I/O, HyperTransport™3.0 technology, and APML technologies. These platforms are designed to take on the most critical server applications in various environments.
ImagesBarebone ModelCPU TypeSocket TypeChipset # SocketsRackmount
B8236G24W4H-ILAMDSocket G34AMD® SR569021
B8236G24V4H-ILAMDSocket G34AMD® SR569021
B8236G24W4HR-ILAMDSocket G34AMD® SR569021
B8238Y190X2-045V4HI [BTO]AMDSocket G34AMD® SR565021
B8238Y190X2-045V4H-LE [BTO]AMDSocket G34AMD® SR565021
B8812G26AW4HAMDSocket G34AMD® SR569041