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TYAN (S7012)
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Date Filename Version
2011/12/27 AST2050_S7012_v3.0 v3.0


- Added BMC Date/Time configuration page
- Fixed an issue where the gateway would have an abnormal value after switching between Static IP and DHCP
- Added iKVM JViewer software keyboard
- Fixed an issue that caused an iKVM JViewer session to not open when using DNS
- Modified the event log to remove the oldest items when the record becomes full
- Fixed an issue that caused the PSU sensor threshold to show abnormal when the PSMI cable is unplugged
- Fixed an issue where the IPMI SOL payload setting could not be saved after the BMC was reset
- Added PSU status sensors 0xB0 and 0xB2 to the SDR
- Removed ID_BTN_STATUS_L and PLTRST2_N sensors from the SDR
- Added iKVM JViewer support for Mac OS
- Modify CPU fan 0/1 to mask alert
2009/09/11 AST2050_S7012_v2.0 v2.0