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Thunder K8HM (S3892)
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TYAN makes no warranties to the usability of a BIOS on our website and are made available to the public on an "as-is" basis. Upgrading a BIOS without knowing the implications may cause serious adverse affects. Please do not upgrade a BIOS unless directed to do so by a qualified support technician. TYAN is not able to replace mis-used or damaged BIOS chips in the event of a BIOS flash failure. Please contact your dealer for replacements or warranty service.

Date Filename Version
2007/06/21 s3892_v106 v1.06

TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.06
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed USB CD/DVD-ROM +SATA raid mode install Win-XP SP2 problem
* Fixed install Solaris 10 and U2/U3 issue (PATA mode)
* Updated M3291 SMDC Support
* Added Boot to PXE support
* Added report CPU map to BMC
* Added Keyboard Error Report option in the BIOS setup menu
* Updated CPU name string for AMD OSK265FQU6CB
* Update HT1000 SATA Option ROM to v3.0.0015.8
* Added 1TB SATA HD support
* Fixed a RHEL4 64-bit MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected toIO-APIC EHCI: BIOS
   handoff failed (BIOS bug ?) 01010001 error

2006/12/08 s3892_105 v1.05

TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.05
New features and Fixes :
* Updated USB register
* Added BIOS option "SATA ROM" to support SATA DVD/VCD BOOT
* Updated ATi ES1000 VGA Option ROM to v8.005.028.000
* Updated the MAX_ACK latency timer

2006/09/22 s3892_104 v1.04

TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.04
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed read/write SMbus conflict when inserting TYAN SMDC  card
* Fixed IPMI Support Enabled/Disabled function
* Updated Opteron PowerNOW! support

2006/08/24 s3892_103 v1.03

TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.03
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed 82551 can't wake from DOS
* Added error beeps if no DIMMs are present
* Fixed memtest fail when using USB floppy
* To change Zone 1, Zone 2 , Zone 3 Hysteresis Settings  into 15 C degree
* Change prefixing device type to show from "IDE" to "RAID" under BIOS setup
* To Change content of version information into "TYAN SMDC Card Found,IPMI :x.xx,FW :x.xx for 3892"
* Setting PWM1,PWM2,PWM3 Ramp Rate=69 msec
* Fixed Bios will only show one single sata drive when multiple Seagate sata drives are installed
* Fix MAX_ACK latency timer to 48h(288ns) when PCIE device's Link Width is x4
* Fixed CPU1 vdimm report value under BIOS setup
* Endless boot support
* Update SATA Raid option rom from v.RC-200-2005289.1 to v.RC-210-2006044.3
* Changed wording in BIOS menu from CPU FAN1, FAN1, FAN2 Power Control to CPU FAN2, FAN3,
   FAN4 Power Control

2006/05/19 s3892_102 v1.02
TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.02
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed an issue if Fan Speed Control is set to [Enabled], then the FAN RPM becomes irradic
   in low temperatures of 45°C or less
* Updated the ATI ES1000 Option ROM to vyj17348c
* Added support for the TYAN M3291 SMDC
* Added the AMD 131 errata
* Revised the PCI32 slot IRQ routing table
* Updated the SATA PATA/MMIO Option ROM to v3.0.0015.3
* Added SATA HDD SSC (Spread Spectrum) support
* Fixed an issue where SATA II Seagate and Western Digital HD's were not recognized correctly
* Fixed an issue where after a Windows crash, HD's may not be detected properly

2006/05/10 s3892_100 v1.00
TYAN Thunder K8HM (S3892) BIOS V1.00
New features and Fixes :
* This is the first BIOS release