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Intel chipset

Socket 478
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat i845GL S2098Intel® 845GL Chipset
Trinity i845E S2099Inte® 845E Chipset
Trinity GC-SL S2707ServerWorks Grand Champion SL Chipset
Tomcat i845GV S3098Intel® 845GV Chipset
Trinity i875P S5101Intel® 875P Chipset
Tomcat i875P S5102Intel® 875P Chipset
Tomcat i875PR S5102-PIntel® 875P Chipset
Tomcat i875PF S5105Intel® 875P Chipset
Tomcat i7210 S5112Intel® E7210 Chipset

Socket 479
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat i945GM S3095Intel® 945GM Chipset
Toledo i3100 S5207Intel® 3100 MICH Chipset
Tiger i7520SD S5365Intel® E7520 Chipset

Socket 603
NameModel NumberChipset
Thunder GC-HE S4520ServerWorks Grand Champion HE Chipset

Socket 604
NameModel NumberChipset
Thunder i7505 S2665Intel® E7505 Chipset
Tiger i7505 S2668Intel® E7505 Chipset
Tiger i7525 S2672Intel® E7525 Chipset
Thunder i7525 S2676Intel® E7525 Chipset
Thunder i7501 Pro S2721-533Intel® E7501 Chipset
Tiger i7501 S2723Intel® E7501 Chipset
Tiger i7501R S2735Intel® E7501 Chipset
Tiger i7501R S2735-8MIntel® E7501 Chipset
Tiger i7320 S5350Intel® E7320 Chipset
Tiger i7320R S5350-1UIntel® E7320 Chipset
Tiger i7320D S5350-DIntel® E7320 Chipset
Tiger i7320RD S5350-D-1UIntel® E7320 Chipset
Tiger i7322 S5351Intel® E7320 Chipset
Tiger i7322DP S5353Intel® E7320 Chipset
Thunder i7520 S5360Intel® E7520 Chipset
Thunder i7520R S5360-1UIntel® E7520 Chipset
Thunder i7520D S5360-DIntel® E7520 Chipset
Thunder i7520RD S5360-D-1UIntel® E7320 Chipset
Thunder i7522 S5362Intel® E7520 Chipset

Socket 775
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat i915 S5120Intel® i915G Chipset
Tomcat i7221 S5150Intel® E7221 Chipset
Tomcat i7221A S5151Intel® E7221 Chipset
Tomcat i7230A S5160Intel® E7230 Chipset
Tomcat i7230B S5161Intel® E7230 Chipset
Tomcat i7230W S5162Intel® E7230 Chipset
Toledo i965R S5180Intel® Q965 (Broadwater) MCH
Toledo i3000R S5191Intel® 3000 Chipset
Toledo i3210W S5211Intel® 3210 Chipset
Toledo i3200R S5211-1UIntel® 3200 Chipset
Toledo q35T S5220Intel® Q35 Chipset
TYAN S5221Intel® Q35 Chipset
TYAN S5247Intel® Q45 Chipset

Socket 771
NameModel NumberChipset
Tempest i5000XL S2692Intel® 5000X Chipset
Tempest i5000XT S2696Intel® 5000X Chipset
Tempest i5000VF S5370Intel® 5000V Chipset
Tempest i5000VS S5372Intel® 5000V Chipset
Tempest i5000VS (LC) S5372-LCIntel® 5000V Chipset
Tempest i5100X S5375Intel® 5100 Chipset
Tempest i5100X S5375-1UIntel® 5100 Chipset
Tempest i5100W S5376Intel® 5100 Chipset
Tempest i5100W S5376WIntel® 5100 Chipset
Tempest i5100T S5377Intel® 5100 Chipset
Tempest i5000PX S5380Intel® 5000P Chipset
S5381 S5381Intel® 5000P Chipset
Tempest i5000PW S5382Intel® 5000P Chipset
Tempest i5000PT S5383Intel® 5000P Chipset
Tempest i5400XL S5392Intel® 5400 Chipset
Tempest i5400PL S5393Intel® 5400 Chipset
Tempest i5400XT S5396Intel® 5400 Chipset
Tempest i5400PW S5397Intel® 5400 Chipset

Socket LGA1366

No archived products could be found.

Socket LGA1156
NameModel NumberChipset
TYAN S5501Intel® 3420 Chipset
TYAN S5502Intel® 3420 Chipset
TYAN S5502-LEIntel® 3420 Chipset

Socket LGA1155

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Socket LGA2011

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Socket LGA1356

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Socket LGA1150

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AMD chipset
Socket 939
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat K8E S2865nVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
Tomcat K8E S2865 AG2NRFnVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
Tomcat K8E-SLI S2866nVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Chipset
Tomcat K8SH S3850Broadcom HT1000 Chipset

Socket 940
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat K8S S2850AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Tiger K8W S2875AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Tiger K8WE S2877nVIDIA CrushK8-04 Chipset
Thunder K8S S2880AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8SR S2881AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8S Pro S2882AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8SD Pro S2882-DAMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8W S2885AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8SRE S2891AMD-8000 Series chipset + NVIDIA nForce Professional
Thunder K8SE S2892AMD-8000 Series chipset + NVIDIA nForce Professional
Thunder K8WE S2895AMD-8000 Series chipset + NVIDIA nForce Professional
Tiger K8SSA S3870ServerWorks BCM5785 Chipset
Thunder K8HR S3891ServerWorks BCM5785 Chipset
Thunder K8HM S3892ServerWorks BCM5785 Chipset
Thunder K8QW S4881AMD-8000 Series chipset + NVIDIA nForce Professional
Thunder K8QS Pro S4882AMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8QSD Pro S4882-DAMD-8000 Series Chipset
Thunder K8QE S4885nVIDIA CrushK8-04 Chipset

Socket 1207 (F)
NameModel NumberChipset
Thunder n3600R S2912nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600R S2912-EnVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n6650W S2915nVIDIA NFP 3600 + 3050
Thunder n6650W S2915-EnVIDIA NFP 3600 + 3050
Thunder n3600B S2927nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600B S2927-EnVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600M S2932nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600M S2932-EnVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600M S2932-SInVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600S S2933nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600W S2935nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n3600T S2937nVIDIA NFP 3600
Tomcat h1000E S3970-EBroadcom HT 1000
Thunder h1000E S3970G2NRBroadcom HT 1000
Tomcat h1000E S3970G2N-UBroadcom HT 1000
Thunder h2000M S3992Broadcom HT 2000/1000
Thunder h2000M S3992-EBroadcom HT 2000/1000
Thunder n3600QE S4980nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n4250QE S4985nVIDIA nForce Pro
Thunder n4250QE S4985-EnVIDIA nForce Pro
Thunder n4250QE S4985-SInVIDIA nForce Pro
Thunder n3600QX S4987nVIDIA NFP 3600
Thunder n6550EX S4989nVIDIA NFP 3600 + 3050
Thunder n6550EX S4989-SInVIDIA NFP 3600 + 3050
Thunder n6650EX S4992nVIDIA NFP 3600 + 3050
TYAN S8208AMD® SR5650
TYAN S8212-LEAMD® SR5690

Socket AM2
NameModel NumberChipset
Tomcat n3400B S2925nVIDIA nForce Pro
Tomcat n3400B S2925-EnVIDIA nForce Pro
Tomcat H1000S S3950Broadcom HT1000 Chipset

Socket 462 (A)
NameModel NumberChipset
Trinity KT S2390VIAl Apollo KT-133
Trinity KT-A S2390BVIAl Apollo KT-133A
Tiger MP S2460AMD-760 MP
Thunder K7 S2462AMD-760 MP
Tiger MPX S2466AMD-760 MPX
Thunder K7X S2468AMD-760 MPX
Thunder K7X Pro S2469AMD-760 MPX
Trinity KT400 S2495VIA KT400
Tomcat K7M S2498VIA KN400A Chipset

Socket AM3 or AM3+

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Socket G34
NameModel NumberChipset
TYAN S8230-DAMD® SR5690
TYAN S8236AMD® SR5690
TYAN S8237AMD® SR5670

Socket C32

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