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TARO Product Family


Compatible with



 • Adaptec® AIC-7901X chip
 • PCI Bus master single-channel SCSI ASICs
Data Transfer Rate - Up to 320 MB/sec
Internal Connectors - One 68-pin high-density
Device Support
 • Support up to 15 Ultra320 devices single channel
    on a standard cable configuration up to 12 meters
 • Support for a combination of 16-bit Ultra320,
    Ultra160, Ultra2, Ultra and standard SCSI devices
    including disk drives, disk arrays, tape driver,
    CD-ROM and CD-R drives, jukeboxes, removable
    drives, scanners and printers.
RAID Levels
 • Supports HostRAID™ hardware mirroring
 • Host RAID offers RAID levels 0, 1, & 10

Bus Type
 • Up to 66MHz in PCI mode with a maximum
     533MB/sec data burst rate
 • 133MHz, 64-bit, PCI-X interface that provides
     1066Mbytes/sec bandwidth

Package Content
 • TYAN M7901 SCSI SO-DIMM card
 • Quick Installation Guide
 • One screwdriver; four screws
 • Two Adaptec SCSI driver diskette
Boards Supported
 • S2735, S5150, S5151, S5350-1U,
    S5352, S5360, S5362


System Requirement
 • 3.3V/5V PCI and 3.3V PCI-X interfaces, providing
    flexibility for designing high performance,
     low-power systems
 • PCI 2.2 and PCI-X 1.0 compliant
Software Support
 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
 • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
 • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
 • Microsoft Windows NT4 Workstation
 • Microsoft Windows NT4 Server
 • Microsoft Windows NT4 Advanced Server
 • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
 • Red Hat Linux 8.0 and 9.0
  • SuSE

Form Factor
 • PCB size: 2.81" x 2.91" (71.4mm x 74mm)