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1U AMD® Opteron™ 4100 (Lisbon), Opteron™ 4200 (Valencia) C32 Server barebones
TYAN's dual AMD Opteron 4100 (Lisbon), 4200 (Valencia) 1U server barebones are for general server computing environments where cost effectiveness is as critical as performance and reliability. All TYAN's socket C32 platforms support new dual Opteron 4200 processors and feature 3-channel DDR3, PCIe Gen 2 I/O, HyperTransport™3.0 technology, and APML technologies. These platforms are 1U optimized and general purpose server barebones that are fully customizable your requirements and maximize your return on IT hardware investment.
ImagesBarebone ModelCPU TypeSocket TypeChipset # SocketsRackmount
B8226G24V4HAMDSocket C32AMD® SR569021
B8226G24W4HAMDSocket C32AMD® SR569021
B8228Y190X2-045V4HAMDSocket C32AMD® SR565021