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TYAN (GT24B8226)
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TYAN makes no warranties to the usability of a BIOS on our website and are made available to the public on an "as-is" basis. Upgrading a BIOS without knowing the implications may cause serious adverse affects. Please do not upgrade a BIOS unless directed to do so by a qualified support technician. TYAN is not able to replace mis-used or damaged BIOS chips in the event of a BIOS flash failure. Please contact your dealer for replacements or warranty service.

Date Filename Version
2012/11/23 GT24-B8226_v103 V1.03.B10


- AGESA v1.5.0.2 support . ( AMD Opteron 4300 )
- NB SR5690 CIMX Version 1.0.1.C support .
- Update AHCI optrom to version
- Support Windows 2012 Hyper-V and SR-IOV function .
- Modify BIOS setup and DMI type17 info
- Show memory speed by Data rate for all memory information .
- Fixed some IPMI SEL string can not show in setup menu .

2011/11/09 GT24-B8226_V102 v1.02

Problem Fix Description:

- AGESA update for Valencia support
- AST2050 VGA BIOS update to V0.93.08
- AHCI ROM update to Version: 3.0.C.5
- Added Power LED S1 blinking support

2011/06/17 GT24-B8226_v101 v1.01

Problem Fix Description:

- Updated Intel AHCI Option ROM to v3.0.B
- Updated Promise RAID Option ROM to v5.1.0.11 .
- Added support for AMISCE utility (CMOS editor utility) .
- Fixed a “PCI: Fail to allocate mem resource” error under RHEL5.6
- Fixed an issue where Nvidia C1060 would not detect during POST
- Updated Aspeed AST2050 VGA BIOS v0.92.2a

2010/12/09 GT24-B8226_v100 v1.00

New features and Fixes :
* This is the first release BIOS.