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“To no surprise at all, the Tyan Thunder n3600M had worked out of the box flawlessly. We had tested this motherboard with Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 and with both Linux distributions we hadn't run into any compatibility troubles.”

“…we have been using the Tyan Thunder n3600M now for several weeks and we are very pleased with this product and its Linux compatibility/performance.”

“Tyan -- a proven manufacturer of high-quality server and workstation motherboards -- has once again delivered a splendid product.”



The Tyan Tempest i5400XT S5396 is the only workstation motherboard that has yet to be qualified by Intel for their Qualified Server Board Program. Not only does Intel believe that this motherboard is a real winner, but we too are impressed by the abilities of this motherboard.

PC Achat


MiTAC Coporation’s Tyan Thunder N3600QE (S4980) server motherboard has recently received the "palmarès des Meilleures Produits 2008” award by PC Achat magazine, the premier publication for IT enthusiasts in France.  The S4980 was ranked 83rd among the Top 1200 products reviewed by PC Achat.



“All said and done, Tyan has a great board. With dual processors and support for 16gigs of RAM, the Tyan board is ready for any computing task, whether it is a workstation environment, rendering machine, or web server. The nForce Professional 2200 series chipset proves its strength and through a week of hammering burn-in tests, never skipped a beat! The combination of dual PCI-E x16 slots and PCI-X slots provides a pretty beefy combination…"

AnandTech Review


"It was remarkable how many new and improved products were targeted at the HPC market. Although there were plenty of barebones servers and motherboards available, all attention went to Tyan's PSC..."



Based upon our experience thus far with the Tempest i5000XT S2696 as well as the three other Tempest motherboards we have tested, we can express full confidence in this motherboard."

Penstar Systems


TYAN won Excellence in Engineering Award from Penstar Systems.

"This product [ Transport GT20 B2865 ] has recieved
one of the highest ratings that I have ever given a product.  For the price a user pays, Tyan has certainly created a product that is worthy of such a score."



Periodical Number: NO.112 [ scanned image ]
TYAN Computer Corp.'s Thunder h2000M (S3992) and Tempest i5000PX (S5380) server motherboards were rewarded with both the "Editor's Choice" and "Certified" awards by PC DIY! Magazine, the premier publication for IT enthusiasts in Taiwan. The editor described " TYAN Computer manufactures and markets advanced server and workstation motherboards which extends to a wide variety of complete product lines to meet the needs of clients' …… All of TYAN Computer's products are highly recognized by users and customers."



PC365 Media awards TYAN S5365 the most outstanding performance prize. See the full report here.

"By the results of the benchmark, the Tyan S5365 showed brilliant performance. We are very impressed by it's design, materials, and performance. It's an ideal match to the Xeon® LV processors." [translated]



Tyan Tiger i7520SD (S5365) won Phoronix Editor's Choice Award! "...the performance-per-watt was certainly phenomenal…The motherboard [Tiger i7520SD (S5365)] also continued to boast terrific Linux compatibility and performance..."