TYAN RMA Service Procedure


TYAN Standard Warranty Service Process


TYAN Standard Warranty Service Procedures

Step 1:
Customer raises RMA service request to TYAN Service Center and complete RMA form
  1. Contact TYAN Service Center
  2. Download the RMA form
  3. Complete the RMA form
Step 2:
TYAN Service Center issues a RMA number to customer
Step 3:
- Customer ships the defective Product to TYAN
- Shipping Instructions
Step 4:
Product warranty status verification and provision of RMA service
  1. Product warranty status verification
  2. Provision of RMA services
Step 5:
TYAN returns Product to customer

General Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the products of MiTAC International Corporation ("TYAN"). The following terms and conditions set forth TYAN's RMA Service Procedures which only apply to TYAN products covered by TYAN's warranty service and policy set forth in General Warranty ("Products"). You may find out more information regarding General Warranty of TYAN products within this website.

The customers, consumer purchasers or end users who purchase TYAN products or Products from TYAN authorized distributors or from retailers or resellers are advised to first contact their distributors or vendors whom they purchased the products from. The customer, consumer purchaser or end user shall only contact TAYN Service Center for RMA Service for its Products if the customer/consumer purchaser/end user is unable to receive RMA service from its vendor/distributor. In such case, TYAN Service Center will verify and determine in its sole discretion if the Product is covered by TYAN's warranty service and policy set forth in General Warranty.