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TYAN v147 2017 Feb Newsletter


New CPU Options for S5539

TYAN's S5539 motherboards feature the low-power Intel Xeon D-1500 SoC processor and is designed to deliver the best performance per watt for embedded and storage applications. TYAN has expanded the number of processors to choose from, adding SKUs for the D-1557, D-1567, D-1571, D-1577, D-1581 processors.

SKU (BTO)SoC CPUNetworking
S5539GM2NR-D21D-1521 / 4 cores(2) GbE
S5539GM2NR-D41D-1541 / 8 cores(2) GbE
S5539GM4NR-D41-2TD-1541 / 8 cores(2) 10GbE + (2) GbE
S5539GM2NR-D57D-1557 / 12 cores(2) GbE
S5539GM2NR-D67D-1567 / 12 cores(2) GbE
S5539GM2NR-D71D-1571 / 16 cores(2) GbE
S5539GM2NR-D77D-1577 / 16 cores(2) GbE

TYAN S5539 (BTO): Intel Xeon SoC boards for embedded and storage applications

  • Support Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 series
  • PCI-E Gen2 x4 slot / (1) PCI-E Gen3 x8 slot / (2) OCP slots for TYAN LAN/SAS Card
  • (2) GbE or (2) 10GbE + (2) GbE (-2T SKU)
  • (6) SATA 6Gb/s
  • Micro ATX 9.6"x9.6"

TYAN's 1U GT62B-B5539 is designed for low power hybrid NVME/SATA storage applications, allowing software to use high speed NVME devices as cache for slower yet higher capacity SATA hard drives. It deploys Intel's low-power Xeon® D-1541 CPU, supports up to 128GB RAM, has an OCP LAN Mezzanine slot, and 10 2.5" drive bays that support 4x NVME and 6x SATA bays.

TYAN GT62B-B5539 (BTO): 1U Hybrid Cache Storage Server

B5539G62BV6E4H-D41 (BTO) / B5539G62BV6E4H-D41-2T (BTO) / B5539G62BV6E4HR-D41 (BTO) / B5539G62BV6E4HR-D41-2T (BTO)

  • Support Intel® Xeon® processor D-1541 SoC
  • (1) PCI-E Gen.3 x8 slot / (2) mezz. slots
  • (6) 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s SSD/HDDs + (4) NVMe
  • (2) GbE or (2) GbE + (2) 10GbE(-2T SKU)


New TYAN Website Release

We are happy to announce our new refreshed website just launched. The new website provides more friendly way to use, including responsive design for both mobile and desktop, simplified menu with clear naviagtion, improved content structure, new layouts and graphics. We hope you will like it and enjoy it.

Best Regards


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