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Awards and Reviews 1997
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  October 1997

  • Personal Computer World - Oct. '97 Pg.183
    "Picking a winner out of a group of excellent machines is always a toughie, but there was one PC that stood out from the crowd. This month's Editor's Choice goes to West One's Vulcan II." West One uses the TYAN Tahoe II ATX S1862D System Board ( Tahoe II ATX - S1682D)

September 1997
  • Computer Shopper, September 8, 1997
    The most processor- and hardware-intensive work a computer can do is with high-end graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, or 3D Studio Max. Whether you are an engineer or commercial artist, working alone or in a workgroup, you need the most powerful overall system you can get your hands on to accomplish these tasks. The Tri-Star Studio Station 2 fromTri-Star Computer Corp. is out to meet those needs... The Studio Station 2 is the fastest system Computer Shopper has tested to date.
  • Computer Reseller News, September 15, 1997
    One of only a handful of machines to include an Iomega Zip drive as standard equipment, the GFX Pro 266 from Amax Engineering Corp. also offers impressive performance and innovative features and design...

April 1997
  • Boot Magazine April '97 Issue
    TYAN's Titan VX AT S1470 (AT form factor) and Titan VX ATX S1472 (ATX form factor) are named "BootWorthy" by Boot Magazine. In the April issue Boot magazine reviewed several motherboards for this article and found that the TYAN motherboards are the, "Only bootWorthy motherboards that comes with a whopping four bus-mastered PCI slots, three ISA expansion slots, and one shared PCI/ISA combo (making for a grand total of five possible PCI slots)" ( Titan VX AT / ATX - S1470 /S1472

  March 1997
  • Boot Magazine - March '97 Pg.62 - Employing more than 7.5 million transitors and a reported clock speed of 300mhz, everyone is eargerly anticipating Intel's new Klammath processor. Another breakthrough technology that will be introduce with Klammath is already shipping with TYANs Tahoe S1682D motherboard. This breakthrough technology is the Single Edge Contact (SEC) cartridge which will migrate the CPU and its external cache from the ZIF socket directly on the motherboard to a new daughterboard configuration. As Boot Magazine recently wrote, the SEC compatible Tahoe will, "... ship with 2 slot one connectors, and will be armed to the teeth". (Tahoe II ATX - S1682D)

February 1997
  • PC World - In a recent review by PC World which rated three systems, the IBM PC 350 MMX, the Sony Vaio PCV-120 and the Polywell Poly5200MX8, the Polywell system, using TYANs Titan VX ATX S1472 won top honors for best all around MMX system. "The Polywell Poly520MX8 is the best all-around MMX system of the three, and the best value to boot...On the performance side, the Polywell consistently edged out both IBM and Sony in PC World Lab tests".
    (Titan VX ATX - S1472)

January 1997
  • PC Pro - Jan. '97 Pg.77-108
    Building a system around the TYAN Titan VX AT S1470 motherboard, the West One Pro Series Valkyrie won over all the other entries for best value and speed performance. PC Pro Labs stated, "Adding to the high specification is a TYAN Titan motherboard. Based on the Triton VX Chipset, this board offers superb performance as well as unprecedented upgrade potential... This board is about as future-proof as you can get". We couldnt have said it any better when PC Pro stated that, "TYAN makes the fastest motherboards".
    Titan VX AT - S1470)
  • Windows NT - TYANs Titan Pro S1662 dual processing motherboard wins the NT magazine best of 1996 products award in January. TYANs Titan Pro dual Pentium pro 440FX PCI-ISA 200MHz was chosen by the editors of Windows NT as one of the the, "Best products we encountered in 1996". Jon Honeyball, who picked the S1662 as the best hardware of 1996, states that when the S1662 was, "Stuffed with fast PCI cards, this board really screams! ...It can handle any processing load Windows NT or its mainstream software offers". (Titan Pro - S1662)

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