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Awards and Reviews 1998
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  December 1998

  • USA Today - The Gadget Guru - Monorail's 8630 Computer System earned the title "1998´s Best Bang for the Buck" by NBC Today Show´s The Gadget Guru from USA Today . Monorail´s system uses Tyan´s Tigercub 100 S1894SLA motherboard. (Tigercub 100 - S1894)

  November 1998
  • CT Magazine Super Socket 7 Test, Germany - Trinity 100AT S1590 "The board runs fast and stable. The Tyan Trinity 100AT is the optimal upgrade board..." (Trinity 100AT - S1590)
  • Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 - "Tyan Computer has been named to Deloitte & Touche's prestigious "Fast 500" Program, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. Rankings are based on five-year percentage growth in revenues from 1993-1997."
  • Electronic Products Magazine - Noteworthy products at Fall Comdex 98, Thunder X S1952. Tyan´s Thunder X motherboard was chosen as one of a handful of "Noteworthy" products at Fall Comdex 98.
    Thunder X - S1952)
  • Maximum PC Magazine - Gear of the Year Issue, Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN. Tyan's Thunder 100 was chosen the BEST MOTHERBOARD in the Gear of the Year list! ( Thunder 100 - S1836)



  October 1998
  • Inc. 500 Magazine - Tyan is proud to be a member of the INC.500 1998. This is the second year Tyan has received this honor. Check out the Corporate Awards page.

  • PC Direkt Magazine - Hardware, Germany, Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN " Technical Recommendation...Performance values beyond anyone´s dreams....Fastest computer ever tested." (Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • PC Direkt Magazine - SCSI Special, Germany, Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN
    "Especially commendable....offers all possible features.....overall rating: Very Good." (
    Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • PC Magazin - Introduction Test, Germany, Trinity 100AT S1590 "The Sysmark result of 341 pushed the board to the top position. A very fast and solid mainboard."
    Trinity 100AT - S1590)
  • PC Magazin - Purchase Tip List, Germany, Trinity 100AT S1590 "Number 1 position for super socket 7 boards."
    Trinity 100AT - S1590)

  • PC Professionell Editor´s Choice, Germany, Trinity 100AT S1590. Recommended as the BEST AT board - suited for upgrading of older systems
    Trinity 100AT - S1590)

  • PC Professionell - HX Board with K6-2 support, Germany, Tomcat IV S1564 "Sensational! K6-2 runs with no problem. Still the first choice!" (Tomcat IV - S1564 )


  September 1998
  • PC Professionell Recommended Hardware Guide, Germany, Tsunami AT - "For owners of standard-AT-cases the Tyan Tsunami AT S1830 with BX chipset in AT form factor is recommended. It is an outstanding solution for upgrades to slot-1." (Tsunami AT - S1830)

August 1998
  • Super7 Review, Score 93:A, Trinity 100A S1590 "Expansion not possible on a Super7 AT motherboard? If you're a firm believer of that, then you haven't taken a look at Tyan's Trinity 100AT,...the overall most expandable AT Super7 motherboard on the market today." (Trinity 100A - S1590)
  • Pentium II Review, Internet, Tsunami AT S1830
    "A reasonable price and the support Tyan backs all of their products with make the Tsunami and the AT form factor a windy match in heaven."
    Trinity 100A - S1590)
  • Deloitte & Touche / Silicon Valley Fast 50
    Tyan has been selected as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley by the 1998 Silicon Valley Technology Fast 50, Deloitte & Touche, along with Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network. An award ceremony will be held Oct. 1, 1998. Check out the Corporate Awards page.
  • Maximum PC - Ultimate PC Dream Machine
    This Dream Machine features Tyan´s Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN - the ultimate motherboard for the Ultimate PC!!! "The Tyan Thunder 100 is about as close to perfection as you'll find; perfectly suited for both a $5,000 system and a $50,000 system." (
    Thunder 100 - S1836)

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