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Awards and Reviews 1998
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  August 1998 - continued

  • PC Direkt - Motherboard Test, Germany, Tigercub S1694
    "Why pay for things you donīt need?...Tigercub S1694 offers reduced features to save space and money."
    Tigercub - S1694)
  • PC Direkt Breaks all Records, Germany, Technical Recommendation - Rheinblitz 2001 of Systemhaus Waibel - "the Fastest PC System available" (uses Tyan Thunder 100 S1836) ( Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • PC Direkt Recommended / Editorīs Choice, Germany, C&P, Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN "The system offers fantastic performance with acceptable pricing for this range and gets the Editor's Choice." (Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • PC Direkt - Pentium II Review, Germany, Multigraph, Tsunami ATX S1846
    "Multigraph offers....the newest technology with the board...which will provide high performance for all applications." (
    Tsunami ATX - S1846)
  • PC Direkt Technical Recommendation, Germany, Systemhaus Waibel, Thunder 100 S1836DLUAN "The 'Rheinblitz 2001' is without any doubt one of the fastest PC-Systems available. The perfectly completed efforts to improve mass-memory performance reward the system with the Technical Recommendation." (Thunder 100 - S1836 )
  • PC Professionell - Motherboard Test, Germany, Tsunami AT S1830 "4 or 5 points for the equipment; Best in service - 5 of 5 points." (Tsunami AT - S1830)
  • PC Professionell - Socket 7 Motherboard Roundup, Germany, Trinity 100AT S1590 "Best in equipment, best in service, second in performance." (Trinity 100AT - S1590)
  • The Upgrade Center - Recommended, Internet, Trinity 100AT. Tyan has "managed to make the most impressive Super 7 AT Mainboard I have seen so far." ( Trinity 100AT - S1590)

July 1998
  • PC Direkt MESH Pegasus 400BXS: PC Direkt Recommended
    This Fast 400MHz system boasts a Tyan Tsunami ATX S1846 board. " The Pegasus records two benchmark firsts: the highest Winstone score to date and the fastest graphics score by the Matrox Productiva, which has 8Mb of video RAM." (Tsunami ATX - S1846)
  • PC Direkt Recommended, England, Mesh Computer, Tsunami ATX S1830
    "Mesh's high-specification 400MHz system is built for speed and definitely means business." (
    Tsunami AT - S1830)
  • PC Direkt Technical Recommendation, Germany, Tiger 100 "The Tyan board presented itself in all tests as a very dependable and stable component...a technically sophisticated mainboard, very early to market."
    Tiger 100 - S1832)
  • PC Pro - Pentium II Review, England, Mesh Computer Tsunami ATX
    "the Mesh Professional PII represents an undeniably great computer at a stunning price." (
    Tsunami ATX - S1846)
  • PC Shopping - Motherboard Roundup, Germany, Tsunami ATX "...our application benchmark showed for the first time a rating of more than 100 points - the magic frontier was broken. Tyan is known as an insiders tip for fast motherboards."
    Tsunami ATX - S1846)
  • Recommended, Internet, Trinity 100AT "Tyan did really good work and placed an ATX power connector and 1 MB L2 cache on the board as well which makes this board the features winner of this review."
    Trinity 100AT - S1590)

May 1998
  • CRN Test Center Recommended, USA, Thunder 100 "Tyan Computer takes desktop motherboard design to a new level with the Thunder 100."
    Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • Hello PC - Motherboard Roundup - Editor's Choice, Korea, Trinity ATX
    Editor's Choice - Best Overall Score (
    Trinity ATX - S1592)
  • PC Line - Motherboard Roundup - Best, Korea, Trinity ATX Awarded "PC Line Best" of roundup ( Trinity ATX - S1592)
  • PC Magazine - Inside PC Labs - Phantom Upgrade Tyan's Tahoe AT S1680 chosen for sensible upgrade to a Pentium II System. (Tahoe AT - S1680)
  • Recommended, Internet, Thunder 100 "If you want it all, don't take less than the Thunder 100...It shouldn't surprise you that I had to get exactly this board into my own system." (Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • Recommended, Internet, Tiger 100
    "the only dual board in my test that would run fine with any SDRAM I tested." (
    Tiger 100 - S1832)
  • - Pentium II Review, Internet, Tsunami ATX "The performance of the Tsunami was pleasing, making it one of the fastest boards in the test field. (Tsunami ATX - S1846)

April 1998
  • Computer Reseller News - New Pentium II PCs Nexstar-400BX (with a Tyan motherboard) is the "fastest PC compatible system ever examined by the CRN Test Center."
  • Computer Reseller News - OEM Board Makers Rise To Challenge Faster Chips - Tyan introduces two server-class dual-processor ATX motherboards based on the BX chipset. (Thunder 100 - S1836)
  • CRN Test Center - Fastest system in roundup, USA, NexTrend, Tsunami ATX "the NexStar-400BX is the fastest PC-compatible system ever examined by the Test Center...the NexStar-400BX will knock the socks off just about anything else." (Tsunami ATX - S1846 )

March 1998
  • PC Actual - K6 System Review
    Spain, Microphonex, Trinity ATX "A computer that combines a very affordable price with some excellent features in it's category." (Trinity ATX - S1592)

February 1998
  • Boot Magazine - Pentium II Board Review, USA, Thunder II (pg.87) "Tyan's Thunder II packs almost everything you'll need for intense computing pleasure. On the performance tip, the Thunder II posted beefy scores, garnering first-place bragging rights in some benchmarks and maintaining a strong lead over the other two boards, especially in our AGP tests."
    Thunder II ATX - S1696)
  • Boot Verdict : 8 - Tyan Note: A higher Boot verdict would have been awarded, however, since the Thunder II uses a Dual CPU APIC, tests scores were slightly lower in some tests. All other boards were single CPU boards which made the Thunder II unfairly judged in this roundup (Thunder II ATX - S1696)
  • Bloomberg News - "Tyan, Mother of all Motherboards," according to Bloomberg News in a syndicated column in over 400 newspapers worldwide. (Thunder II ATX - S1696)

January 1998
  • PC Upgrade, Vol. 7, No. 1 page 38
    "The Motherboard Express Company provided us with a TYAN Tiger II ATX S1692S motherboard, a 300-MHz Pentium II chip, and active heat sink-truely a powerful system heart at the cutting edge." (Tiger II ATX - S1692)

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