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Awards and Reviews 1999
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  December 1999

  • PC Magazine - Editor's Choice for MICRON Millennia MAX PIII 733/133. This system is powered by TYAN's Trinity 400 motherboard. ( Trinity 400 - S1854)


  November 1999
  • Maximum PC Magazine - Score 9/10  MICRON Millennia 600 133. "We were also impressed by the Millennia's motherboard which features both a Slot 1 and socket 370 ."  (Trinity 400 - S1854)

  October 1999
  • Maximum PC Magazine - Score 9/10, Best Workhorse Board.  "This baby is the Mike Tyson of motherboards" & "For serious work- not play- the Thuderbolt is out pick."  (Thunderbolt - S1837)


  August 1999
  • PC Shopping Magazine - TYAN's Trinity 100 AT motherboard received the magazine's Editor's Choice award for Socket 7 boards. ( Trinity 100AT - S1590)

July 1999
  • Computer Dealer News Magazine Socket 7 Board - Editors Choice, Performance Award -  "TYAN´s new Trinity 100AT S1590 motherboard managed to take first place... getting top marks on the Sysmark32 portion. The Trinity 100AT is exactly what you would expect from TYAN - a board featuring top performance and excellent engineering." ( Trinity 100AT - S1590)
  • PC Shopping Magazine - "The TYAN Trinity ATX S1598 is different from the other MVP3 boards in the test as it utilizes the new highly integrated VIA ''Super Southbridge" VT82C686. With this mixture made of MVP3 and MVP4 chipset, it is now possible to use a powerful AGP-Card together with the option to drive a new Ultra-ATA/66 Harddrive. The control of CPU-Temperature, Voltages and Cooler Function is also done by this southbridge. The testboard ... was easy to install and showed no instability during the benchmark tests."
    (Trinity ATX - S1598)

April 1999
  • PC Direkt Magazine EDITOR´s CHOICE AWARD - Dual processing BX Board. TYAN's Tiger 100 S1832 achieved the highest price/performance rating of 1/1 (very good).
    Total Score = 1 (very good). (
    Tiger 100 - S1832)
  • PC Direkt Magazine Slot 1 Board - Highest rating
    In a comparision test of 28 slot-1 motherboards, the
    Tsunami ATX achieved the highest possible rating! Price / Performance score = 1/1 (very good). Total Score = 1 (very good) ( Tsunami ATX - S1846)
  • PC - "TYAN indeed does produce high quality motherboards, and even Trinity 371 S1857 as a consumer model shares this quality" & "The layout is quite good, in fact I couldn't find anything major wrong with it, unlike some boards."
    Trinity 371 - S1857)
  • PC - "The layout is good, like most Super 7 boards the design is quite open"  (Trinity ATX - S1598)

March 1999
  • PC Professionell Slot 1 Board Category - EDITOR´s CHOICE AWARD - "Equipped with the Pentium III/500, the Tsunami ATX S1846S earned the Editor´s Choice in the Slot 1 board category....The Tsunami ATX achieved absolute top scores in ALL benchmarking disciplines."  (Tsunami ATX - S1846)

  • PC Welt Magazine Super Socket 7 Motherboards - TYAN's Trinity 100AT Won #1 Recommended Socket 7 Motherboard out of 33 boards tested! (Tests were conducted using AMD K6-3 / 400MHz processor). (Trinity 100AT - S1590)

February 1999
  • PC Welt Magazine Super Socket 7 Motherboards
    1. TYAN´s Trinity 100AT S1590 achieved an Excellent 99 points!
    2. No problems with any of the compatibility checks.
    3. Worked reliably with all components
    4. Offers very good features
    5. Very good motherboard manual
    6. Offers a long warranty time of 36 months
    7. Total Score was 1.5 - Top position in the PC-Welt Top motherboards

    (Trinity 100AT - S1590)

January 1999

    Cahners Electronics Industry Yearbook Year's 10 Top Computer and Peripherals Products - TYAN's Tigercub 100 S1894SLA was among the Top 10 computer and peripherals products selected by the Cahners Electronics Group. "While known for its high-end motherboards, TYAN has announced perhaps the most highly-integrated motherboard that brings Pentium II processors to the sub-$1000 PC market."
    (Trinity ATX - S1598)

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