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Awards and Reviews 2000
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  November 2000

  October 2000
  • PenStar Systems gives TYAN Trinity KT (S2390) 90%!  "Build Quality of the board is excellent.  TYAN has concentrated on good quality boards with excellent stability.  It seems that they have hit their mark again when it comes to this board."
  • Electic Tech reviews Tiger 133.  "The stability of the revision F board has been extremely trustworthy.  Crashes are virtually non-existant.  The Tiger 133 will deliver what you want, and it will not skimp on performance."  88%
  • Target PC reviews TYAN's Trinity KT.  "TYAN's Trinity KT motherboard is a great performer. Its also without doubts a solid choice for anyone planning to build an AMD machine based on the Duron or Athlon (Thunderbird) processor...If you are the non-overclocking type of person and are looking for a solid and rock stable solution for your new Duron or Athlon "Thunderbird" processor, then the Trinity KT would be something to consider."
  • GamePC reviews TYAN's Trinity KT.  "The Trinity KT is purely a KT-133 mainboard.  The TYAN is certainly a capable and solid solution for your socket A needs… the Trinity KT is a fine option"

  • The TYAN Tiger 133 got a "High-Tech Editors Choice" in 10/2000 issue of German's PC-Direkt.

  • "Without any doubt, the TYAN Trinity KT is a very good motherboard. In the classic TYAN's style, stability has been privileged to "tweakability". This isn't necessary a defect, since stability is an important parameter that could become fundamental in some situations, although players may favour the possibility to obtain one or two fps more. But, as we put in evidence in the review, the "regular" performances are great and perhaps new BIOS upgrades could add some other options to tweak the system and the processor options."

  September 2000
  • Micron Millennia Max 733 (powered by TYAN Trinity 400) ranked No.1 in PC World Magazine's "Top 15 Home PCs"  Midrange System Category.

  • Trinity KT reviewed by . "The Trinity KT is a solid performer" "..clearly will interest buyers who do not care about overclocking, but want a reliable board with plenty of PCI slots for add in cards."
  • The TYAN Tiger 133 was featured in Tom's Hardware Guide.  "Aiming towards price and performance, TYAN once again delivers a product that provides high performance at an attractive price."   "TYAN concentrated their work directly on the motherboard. Six PCI slots and four DIMM sockets are maximum."  "I did not encounter any stability issues during the tests."   "It's the only one out of the three boards coming with an ISA slot."
  • Digital Web 3D reviewed TYAN Trinity KT.  "TYAN, a company mainly known for it's top quality server and high-end workstation motherboards"  "Overall, the Trinity KT is an excellent motherboard. "  "Trinity KT really should be one of your choices"
  • Trinity KT reviewed by Geek Extreme. "It seems to me this board is well suited for anyone who wants stability. Running Windows Millennium for two weeks straight, I did not encounter one crash. Even under heavy loads, there were no problems. At any given time, this computer was running RC5, a Tribes Server, and often running other programs as well. (We even sat and watched a VCD on it one night with the Tribes Server and RC5 both running.) The final word: This board is stable as a 2 ton rock."
  • New Tiger 133 review  by 3D Alpha :  solid as a rock!  "...the easy installation isn't the only good thing about this board. It's stability is unmatched"  "I ran a Quake3 loop with Prime95 running in the background, while downloading of the internet, while running RC5 for 91 hours (that's a lot of MP3's) .....I did it again, for 72 more hours, and in all these hours (91+72=163 hours) there wasn't a single crash."  "I have a hard time NOT recommending this board - I mean, it is stable as a rock"

  August 2000
  • Trinity K7 scored 82% by 3D Alpha. "Those who have workstations and home office desktops will find this board to be exactly what they need: Stable."
  • Trinity 400 reviewed by TargetPC ! "my first bet would have been the TYAN mainboard for it's superior memory bandwidth and maximum expansion" Pitted against 3 other boards, TYAN came out first.

  July 2000

  June 2000
  • Trinity 400 reviewed by Maximum PC! " . .  we were pleasantly surprised.  During the test in which we loaded every mobo orifice with hardware, the Trinity 400 exhibited no conflicts."
  • Trinity K7 received a whopping score of 91% from Penstar Systems  !  "With the latest BIOS the stability is above par with excellent performance nearing the top of its class."
  • Trinity K7 reviewed by HardwareCentral !  "The Trinity K7 is no exception.... Stability seemed to be the main focus while developing this board; we haven't had one crash due to stability problems."
  • Thunder X review by "This board is without a doubt the finest motherboard I've ever used, and is worth every penny of its price." "4.5 out of 5.  When ACPI works in Win2k, this board is a solid 5 out of 5."
  • 3D Alpha reviews the Trinity 400 !  ". . you'd have to be crazy not to pick this one up. Even though it's not jumperless, it's feature set far outweighs it's shortcomings. TYAN scores a direct hit with this motherboard. If you get it, you won't be disappointed."
  • Tiger 100 Rev F systemboard scored 4 out of 5 CPUs by  "The best inexpensive SMP board available for the P3"
  • Trinity K7 review by Real World Technologies !  "TYAN has traditionally catered to the 'power user', and the Trinity K7 follows this tradition. With 6 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot (shared with the last PCI slot) and the obligatory AGP slot, few should complain that the board does not have enough expansion capabilities."

  May 2000
  • Digital Web 3D reviews the Trinity K7 !!  "Overall the Trinity K7 makes one fine motherboard for someone who is looking for stability as well as performance and offers plenty of room for expansion."
  • TYAN Trinity K7  scores 8/10 on !  "Its performance is excellent ... it will make a great board for someone looking for 6 PCI slots with support straight from the board maker and a great warranty."
  • Trinity 400 review by scores 8/10!
    "...this motherboard is the pick of the lot ... the AGP 4x capabilities will undoubtedly win you over."
  • Trinity 400 reviewed by BrokenPixel scores 4.5/5!  "My conclusion is obvious,  I think that this board is a great piece of hardware.
  • What does have to say about the TYAN Trinity K7?  "Trinity K7 is a solid all around board … offering adequate performance and good stability."
  • TYAN Trinity 400 beats the Asus P3C-2000 as reviewed by (review in Italian) and is chosen as the reference platform for hardware component testing!  Check out the SysMARK 2000 scores.
  • PC-Professionell - Editor's Choice - "Equipped with both an FC-PGA compatible socket 370 and a slot 1 plug Trinity 400 (S1854) the  displays itself as an extremely flexible board. With its offering of  6 PCI and an ISA slot it offers the best expandability in the test. Supporting 133 MHz memory and FSB the Trinity 400 is ready to tackle all the new and upcoming CPUs."
  • PC-Professionell - The TYAN Trinity ATX (S1598) is an excellant basis for a powerful socket 7 system.  The tests ran constantly stable and the TYAN board achieved very good performance values all round. As an extra the board ran all Geforce cards without a problem despite the critical voltage supply issue.

  April 2000
  • TYAN Web site is nominated among the industry's biggest names for a superb Web site!

  • BXBoards: TYAN have designed a board that offers excellent expansion, and carries the indefiable mark of TYAN quality. (Trinity K7 - S2380)
  • PC-Direkt - The TYAN Tiger 100 dual processing BX board received the Editor's Choice recognition.
    Tiger 100 - S1832)

  • GamePC: This is an awesome mainboard for those who want the best. (Thunderbolt - S1837)

  • TYAN Trinity K7 review by Firing scores well!  "Trinity K7 ... with 6 PCI slots, there's plenty of room for expansion."
  • TYAN received Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 Award. - Scored Trinity 400 (S1854) 8.5/10 - "The Trinity 400 is a winner when paired with PC133 SDRAM."


  March 2000
  • - "I'd have to say that right now the best bang for the buck is undoubtedly the TYAN Trinity 400.  This board is, as you'll recall, is based on VIA's Apollo Pro 133A chipset … they don't really shine like the TYAN board does."
  • Got Apex - "The Trinity K7 is a solid performer. Perfect for office use"
  • - "This is a well made high quality board from TYAN"  ( Trinity K7 - S2380)

  • - "In conclusion, I LOVE this board, and I would recommend it to anyone building a PC, whether they are using a Celeron chip, or overclocking a Coppermine." (Trinity 400 - S1854)
  • BXBoards: TYAN are well renowned for providing products which cater to those with a eye for future expandability.  (Trinity 400)
  • PC-Professionell - TYAN's Tsunami ATX (S1846) was compared against 28 other Slot-1 boards and acheived the best review for Total Score and Price/Performance Rating.  As a result, PC Professionell gave the Tsunami ATX the Editor's Choice Award.

  February 2000
  • - "This is a more-than capable board for home or server use. It's easy enough to setup at home, and definitely very stable running at spec or a bit higher."  (Tiger 100)
  • - "TYAN has created an incredible board with the Apollo Pro 133A chipset; its future looks bright given the speed and inexpensive price." &  "I would like to give props to TYAN for changing its designs to add another PCI slot. Changing course from the usual 1/5/2 AGP/PCI/ISA configuration, it went to a 1/6/1 design." (Trinity 400)
  • Hardware Zone - TYAN Trinity 400 becomes the official testing platform for Hardware Zone.  The Trinity 400 scored of 9 out of 10 on the Italian site.
  • - "TYAN has some of the best made boards" & "This board has the best flexibility a VIA Apollo Pro133 can offer in the market right now!"  (Trinity 400)
  • IXBT - "If you are looking for an up-to-date mainboard, stable and efficient at work … then you have every reason to decide on this product from TYAN." (Trinity 400)
  • PC Intern - "The excellant features and performance of the TYAN board raises the Trinity 400 above the competition."

  January 2000
  • - TYAN has been producing top notch, high performance server/workstation motherboards for over 10 years. (Trinity 400 - S1854 )
  • Penstar - Score of 92%. "If you are looking for a motherboard with all the latest features and good performance, look no further.", & "Overall the board design is very good with high quality materials used in the manufacturing of this product." ( Trinity 400 - S1854)
  • PC Professionale Magazine - New Best Review for Trinity 400 used in the ESSEDI Master 600DVD system built by Brain Technology. ( Trinity 400 - S1854)

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