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Awards and Reviews 2001
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   December 2001
  • gives Trinity 510  93%!  "Would I use it? Certainly. It didn't fail once in all my testing..."

  • Tiger MP (S2460) recommended once again by CPUTimes!  "I recommend the TYAN Tiger MP with
    4 stars."

  • Aces Hardware proves strength of TYAN's dual AMD technology!  "...we can safely say that TYAN's dual Athlon boards are the most stable Athlon platforms on earth."

  • PC-Games reviewed Tiger MP (S2460) .  "Finally, TYAN Tiger MP, the affordable solution for power users is out! The board showed very good stability as well as the performance in our tests. Even for some games that have SMTP features, you will see an increase of up to 30% (in performance).  Of course, the advantage is enhanced even more for hardcore SMTP applications such as CAD, Photoshop, etc."  [translated text]  View review / benchmark: page 66, 67, 68, 70, 71

  • CT reviews TYAN Tiger MP (S2460) .  "The Tiger MP has the same working speed as the Thunder K7, and can easily compete with the extremely expensive workstations based on the P4 Xeon, except for some very selected applications.  The Athlon CPUs are faster in a Linux environment compared to P4 CPUs.  The AMD team got the lead in most benchmarks and has the best price/performance result, so it's unbeatable."  [translated text] View review / benchmark

  • Tiger MP (S2460) receives motherboard of the year honors from Maximum PC in their December 2001 "Gear of the Year" issue. "TYAN's new Tiger MP board is the definitive platform for a new era of hot CPU-on-CPU action."
    page 29, text

  November 2001
  • Target PC gives Tomcat i815T 9/10 !  "... quite interesting is that TYAN has chosen to include 6 PCI slots. Considering the flexibility this affords, I believe most (users) will be very happy to give up onboard sound for the inclusion of the extra PCI slot."

  • Digital Video Editing praises Tiger MP!  "Heading up the impressive list of industrial-strength apparatus are a TYAN Tiger MP (S2460) motherboard sporting two of the newest Athlon chips, Athlon MP 1800+ processors."

    "It seems that Polywell set out to include only the best components in this Athlon MP showcase, and in my opinion, has succeeded handsomely."

  October 2001
  • Penstar Systems gives Tiger MP 90% ! "This really is an outstanding workstation-class product"

  • Linux Journal recommends Thunder K7 !  "In 2001, the clear standout choice for a ULB (Ultimate Linux Box) motherboard is the TYAN Thunder K7, model S2462"
    Take a look at the review pages here: |
    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

  September 2001
  • AnandTech reviews Tiger MP!  "The Tiger MP picks up where the Thunder K7 left off in that it is the perfect motherboard for the workstation user."

  •   LostCircuits reviews Tiger MP". I also have rarely been as excited as with the TYAN Tiger and its level of performance and stability at an incredible price point. All in all, it may take a few days to get acquainted but it is worth it."
  • gives Tiger MP 4.5 out of 5!  "If you need a board now, and you want to have today's fastest dual processing platform, you can't go wrong with the Tiger MP..."


  August 2001
  • gives Tiger MP 90%!  "The layout is great, the performance is good, the stability is top notch, and the price can't be beat."

  • Socket gives Tiger MP score of 92! "Performance is good and stability is top notch. The Tiger MP is really a very nice high end workstation board that is also suitable for a server"

  • gives Tiger MP 9 out of 10 !  "All things considered, the TYAN Tiger MP is a great motherboard and is currently the only one in its class. I considered giving the board an Editor's Choice award - as it certainly deserves one."
  • PCLife reviews Thunder K7. "Thunder K7 is a great choice for the server system and it works perfectly." [translated from Turkish]

  July 2001
  • Pluses... Fastest Dual-Processor Setup Available, Extremely Stable, 64-bit PCI, Reasonably Affordable, SSE Instructions.  Minuses... Can't think of any

  • Personal Computer World, UK.  Evesham workstation system won PCW Recommended, perfect score
    5 out of 5. "TYAN's board is feature packed to say the least....Was it fast? In a word, blisteringly!"
    [ see
    review ]

  • Max Black 1U Server (based on the Thunder K7) receives 6 out of 6 from PC Pro!  "Verdict: a stunning specification built around the very latest AMD-760 MP chipset and Athlon MP processors."
    [ see
    cover / review ]

  June 2001
  • "In my opinion, TYAN has scored a serious win with this board. They identified a very specific market for the Thunder LE (S2510) and, in that market, they have hit a home run. The Thunder LE gets a five out of five CPU's
    first ever!)." -
  • TYAN receives 11 out of 12 from Hardware Luxx!  "...known as the best and fastest KT-A boards..., the TYAN (Trinity KT-A) S2390B had the best SDRAM recognition, and did the best automatic setup mode... did not crash throughout ALL TESTS."  [translated from German]

  • The latest Thunder K7 (S2462) reviews:
  • TYAN's new Thunder K7 S2462 dual CPU platform for Athlon MP™ processors is recognized by Nikkei Byte with the Best of Computex Taipei 2001 award.

  • "Rock solid stable is the category that this motherboard falls into. The Thunder K7 was very stable; there were no system glitches of any type while using this motherboard." -

  • "The TYAN Thunder K7 is quite possibly the most feature-filled motherboard we have ever seen in our four years of reviewing motherboards." -

  • "AMD and TYAN played their cards right" their 'step' into the workstation & server space is a big one without a doubt." -

  • "I guess the best way to put it in one line is: Nice job AMD and TYAN" -

  • "TYAN has come out of the box with an excellent 760MP based board" -

  • "I can't say enough good things about the TYAN Thunder K7" -

  • PCHoy gives 9/10 for TYAN Thunder K7! [ in Spanish ]

  • HARDiNFO has awarded the TYAN Thunder K7 S2462 with our "Recommended" award, since it is a "must have" for system integrators, as well as manufacturers.

  May 2001
  • Penstar Systems reviews TYAN Trinity KT-A (S2390B): "If someone was looking for a board to use in a machine that needs to be speedy, use cheap SDRAM, and be nearly 100% stable, the TYAN board would be at the top of the list."
  •, one of Denmark's most serious hardware web sites reviews TYAN Trinity KT-A (S2390B): "If you need an inexpensive motherboard for a office PC, game computer for the kids, or a linux box, this motherboard is the right choice."

  April 2001
  • German's CT magazine reviews TYAN Trinity KT-A (S2390B): BIOS engineers did a good job, providing automatic RAM recognition in the BIOS.
    ..... the S2390B can automatically activate four-way memory interleaving. Because of this new feature, the S2390B received the highest benchmark speeds.
    [ see
    benchmark - in German ]
  • Target PC reviews TYAN Trinity KT-A (S2390B): "TYAN has put together one of the cleanest PCB layouts I've seen in regards to SocketA CPUs."

  March 2001
  • TYAN Trinity KT-A (S2390B) tested to be FASTEST among Gigabyte, Asus, Abit, MSI, etc. by PC-Games Hardware! [ see benchmark - in German ]

  Feburary 2001
  • TYAN Tiger 200 (S2505) got a 4.5 out of 5 from!
    "If you need a solid workstation or home/small business server... You can't
    do any better than this." [ see
    review ]

  January 2001
  • TYAN Thunder LE (S2510) reviewed by PC Professionale!
    "TYAN Thunder LE S2510, doppia potenza in 45 millimetri - Una soluzione flessibile per server in formato Rack e Atx, basata sul chipset di ServerWorks e con soluzioni originali per l'amministrazione del sistema." (issue 118)
    [ see review
    page 1, page 2 ]

  • TYAN Trinity KT (S2390) reviewed by PC Professionale! (issue 118) [ review ]

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