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Awards and Reviews 2003
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   December 2003
  • Thunder K8W (S2885) featured on

    "Overall, the Opteron platform is very impressive and extremely stable for a new platform. All the components performed flawlessly in this configuration and we honestly have not had one crash while testing this hardware."

   November 2003
  • "All in all, the Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885) is the king of the hill in Opteron based workstation technology. A well thought out board with an eye out for the most demanding users."
  • "In the end, we're very, very happy with the Tiger K8W (S2875). It gives all the performance of the more expensive Opteron platforms, yet fits in standard ATX cases and uses regular power supplies. It's not that expensive, is really quite stable, and really is the Opteron platform which we've been begging motherboard manufacturers to make since the Opteron was launched earlier this year." - Game PC
  • "Tyan has a positive track record in building server class systems. This is a reputation that is built over time and one which is extremely valuable to any manufacturer...Price is competitive with other high-end i875 boards, but the extra gigabit NIC was the main factor that led us to choose Trinity i875P (S5101)."
     - FiringSquad

  • "Overall, we find the TYAN Transport GX28 a product worthy of the IT Manager's consideration as it has excellent airflow characteristics and built-in features. In addition, it's currently one of the very few 1U rackmount systems that supports the latest AMD Opteron 246 processors." - Hardware Zone

  • "The Tyan Tachyon G9800 PRO-M is the fastest card based on the ATI® RADEON 9800 core.  Tyan is the most innovative partner with ATI..." (translated; original article)

   October 2003
  • "...(Tachyon G9600 PRO) card deserves the prize to the quality, by its excellence, stability, and extras seen while preparing this article..." - Noticias3D
    [translated from Spanish]

  • FiringSquad Bull's Eye Award"For high-performance systems requiring PCI-X, 8 DIMM slots, GigE, and Serial ATA the Tyan Thunder K8W is clearly the platform of choice. This is currently the pinnacle of dual Opteron boards ...." - FiringSquad
  • More reasons to choose the Thunder K8W (S2885) - "The Thunder K8W will remain the dominant choice for high-end Opteron owners who need massive amounts of memory, storage, and plenty of internal motherboard bandwidth to go around...we have absolutely no qualms recommending this platform. " - Game PC

   September 2003
  • "The Tyan Tiger i7505 (S2668) is a great motherboard for those of you looking to build a dual Intel® Xeon™ platform. It's definitely a very solid, stable, and reliable platform and a great performer." - Extreme PC Central

  • PC Games Hardware Top Product AwardPC Games Hardware Germany awarded Tyan Tachyon G9600 PRO "Top Produkt".  "Up to 530 MHz are possible with the graphic chip. Using overclocking, we could gain another 15 percent performance." (translated from German)
  • The Thunder K8W (S2885) Scores High with GamePC.  "...If you want nearly every possible feature available on a dual Opteron platform, there's no other choice compared to Tyan. It's an incredible platform all the way around."

   August 2003
  • TweakTown - Editor's Choice AwardTweakTown Awards the Tachyon G9600 PRO with the Editor's Choice award - "Overall the card was amongst the highest quality ATI cards we have seen..."
  • "But believe me when I tell you, this is perhaps the best motherboard I have had in my house.... I highly recommend this Trinity i7205 motherboard for office workstation or even home-based workstation use (though you should check out the Trinity i875p as well). I honestly think it's one of the best, most stable and versatile motherboards out for the professional market, with a serious appeal for the consumer market as well."
  • OCA Editor's Choice AwardOC Addiction gives the G9600 PRO an editor's Choice award!  "What can I say about the Tyan Tachyon G9600 PRO other than I was extremely impressed? ...I enjoyed this card so much and was so thorougly impressed with its performance that I'm not even going to hesitate to give it an OCA Editor's Choice Award..."
  • Best Buy/Performance - GFX 2003 award"The design on the (Tachyon G9500 PRO) is perfect...The performance of the GFX is unique and is caused by the fact that TYAN has spared nothing on the components. They've even been so bold as to modify the BIOS so it performs as a larger GFX. This change gives us better abilities to overclock the GFX as proven in the test."
  • PC Professional Germany honors the Tachyon G9600 PRO with excellent performance... "The Tyan Tachyon G9600 Pro is convincing with modern 3D technology and hardware monitoring functions and is with a favorable price (and) an excellent choice."

  • "Tyan's card will certainly score marks for originality...recommended." - Hexus

  • rates the Tachyon G9600 PRO the best!

    "Under the same configuration and setup, the Tyan Tachyon G9600 PRO outperforms even the toughest competition."
  • PC World AwardPC World Hungary honors the Tachyon
    G9600 PRO with an award!  "Tyan's unique graphics card improved the ATI® reference design by adding unique feature sushc as TGM (hardware monitoring) and special cooling. This solution has created a new class in graphics cards." (translated from Hungarian)

   July 2003
  • "The G9600 PRO from Tyan is a very impressive Radeon 9600 card." - Tom's Hardware

  • PC WELT Award"Test result: Fast for games. Due to installed hardware - control secure for overclocking. Ranked Nr. 6 out of 276 Graphic Cards." (Translated from German)  - PC WELT

  • " With their third major release in the Tachyon series of graphics cards, Tyan is showing that they certainly have what it takes to be a powerhouse in this market...these Tachyon cards just scream quality. From the hardware to the software, everything which Tyan has done with the Tachyon has been top-notch from the ground up."  - Game PC
  • FiringSquad Editor's Choice AwardAnother Editor's Choice for TYAN! "The really cool part about TYAN is how actively they've been listening to feedback concerning the Tachyon cards. The Tachyon G9500 PRO and G9600 PRO are one dramatic step closer to the ultimate gamer's card we initially described to them in September. TYAN truly is trying to build the ultimate gamer's card."
  • "All in all, a must have card for the performance seekers and the overclockers. You can not go pass TYAN's G9700 PRO."
    Overclockers New Zealand

   June 2003
  • "The board performed admirably and was extremely stable during the testing period here. Ah yes, the final key factor to this board lies in the pricing scheme. The Tyan S2668 can be found for as low as $260 dollars on pricewatch. That's easily a hundred dollars cheaper than comparable dual XEON systems out on the market making this board a real affordable solution."   - WhiningDog.NET
  • "In short, we're pleased with what we see with the Thunder K8S . The board is just starting to hit the market now, and we feel is simply a best Opteron server platform we've tested as of yet."

  • "All in all, TYAN G9500 PRO is a card not to be missed by overclockers." - Overclockers (NZ) Limited.


   May 2003
  • CHIP magazine Top Product Award"The Tachyon G9500 PRO wins the Top Product Award
    from CHIP magazine."

  • "...if you are a hardcore gamer (and a little pressed for money) the high-quality and high-performing TYAN Tachyon G9500 PRO is exactly what you need."
     - X-Bit Labs

  • PC World's Top 5 Award"The new graphics card from TYAN focuses on achieving maximum performance. In addition to the large heatsinks, the TGM hardware monitoring offers a unique solution which makes the Tachyon G9500 PRO one of a kind." (Translated from Hungarian)
  • TweakTown's Editors Choice AwardTweakTown gives the Tachyon G9500 PRO the Editor's Choice Award. "Overall the card was amongst the highest quality ATI card we have seen, making it a definite choice for the users on the mid budget."
  • Hard OCP impressed by the Tachyon G9500 PRO. "So if you are in the market for a new 9500 Pro, the TYAN Tachyon 9500 Pro is a very robust solution that is worth your attention. With the hardware monitoring capabilities, I see great potential for cooling mods and the like with this card."

   April 2003
  • FiringSquad Editor's Choice AwardFiringSquad honors the Tachyon G9500 PRO with the coveted Editor's Choice Award!  "Its feature set easily surpasses every other RADEON 9500 PRO card in existence...This is the card to own if you must have the best RADEON 9500 PRO card on the market."
  • Product Excellent AwardTachyon G9700 PRO recommended by OCworkbench. "As we can see from the benchmarks, the TYAN G9700pro has proven to be a winner in performance."

   March 2003
  • Tachyon G9700 PRO recommended by TechPC. "Certainly if you are of the type that will overclock then I can't see you finding a better card. The heatsink arrangement and higher rpm fan allows the core to be pushed further than most...if I was buying one now however, I would be buying the TYAN, you should too."

  • The Trinity KT400 wins the Overclocker Cafe Recommended award!  Noted for full features, outstanding benchmarks, and superb documentation, this platform is the ideal choice for performance and affordability.

  • "Simply stated, there probably aren't any other KT400 boards that can claim to offer as much bang for the buck as this one. Including both standard IDE RAID as well as two additional Serial ATA channels makes the board all the more attractive. On-board audio, LAN, USB 2.0 and more offer users a lot."

  • Tachyon G9700 PRO given strong acclaim by GamePC. "In our minds, this is the ultimate gamers card right now."


   February 2003
  • "So what can we conclude from all of this? Well, it seems pretty clear to me that the TYAN is the fastest Radeon of those on test here..." - Bit-tech

  • "The overall stability of the TYAN Trinity KT400 can be summed up in one word: excellent. Throughout testing there was never a crash at stock speeds (133 or 166 MHz FSB). This is honestly the most tweakable BIOS of any TYAN board I have received."
  • FiringSquad Recommends the Thunder K7X Pro (S2469) for the Ideal Workstation.  "When it comes to EPS12V based dual AMD systems, TYAN had the most experience of the motherboard manufacturers we considered..."

   January 2003
  • "TYAN certainly know where they want their cards to be; aiming squarely at overclockers and the performance market." - Deviant

  • "Overall the TACHYON G9700 delivered extremely impressive performance and overclocking capabilities and should be at the top of anybody's list for a high-end card that is available NOW!"

  • "What can I say about the Thunder K7X Pro? The board is solid as a rock, loaded with features and runs with the leaders of the MPX pack. It has a strong background in the dual Athlon server market, especially considering that the only dual Athlon server boards available are all TYAN boards. The Thunder K7X Pro is the feather in TYAN's cap and it sits proudly at the head of its very small class." Thunder K7X Pro (S2469) scores a 9.5 out of 10 on!

  • "The TYAN Tiger S2722 certainly lives up to the TYAN name, and during testing proved itself stable and eminently reliable. With its small ATX footprint, it will fit in standard tower enclosures as well as 1U rack mountable chassis making it extra versatile. If you need an entry level dual Xeon server board, the TYAN Tiger S2722 would be well worth your time to consider."

  • The Tachyon G9700 PRO wins Editor's Choice Award on Hot Hardware!  "Based in its feature set, performance, cooling solution and 'overclockability', we're giving the TYAN Tachyon G9700 PRO a 9 on the HotHardware Heat Meter and the coveted Editor's Choice award..." - Hot Hardware

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