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Awards and Reviews 2005
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PHORONIX Editor's Choice Award   December 2005

PCDIY Excellent Design Award   November 2005

   October 2005

   September 2005
  • Best Product AwardThunder K8WE (S2895) won the Best Product Award on the PC World magazine in Greece. See original article - here (Greece)

   August 2005
  • 3DChipsDual-Core AMD Opteron 275 Dual-CPU-Workstationprozessor - DCC Benchmarks.  "... Anyone looking to buy a really powerful, state-of-the-art dual CPU system in the next few months should consider the Dual Core Opteron - a 4-way system that can't be beaten for speed and which has no competitors among dual CPUs at this time..."

   July 2005
  • PC MagazinPerformancetest: Photoshop CS vs. CS 2 - The operating speed is one of the most important decision criteria for an image editing software. To compare the Adobe Photoshop CS and his follower, the Photoshop CS2, the staff of the PC MAGAZIN decided to work with the Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885) as basic for a very fast system. See the article here
  • 3DChipsWorkstation World Record at 3DChips - Essential for games, unessential for workstations: You got the Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895), an Opteron Dual-Core 875, an @Tool like ClockGen, a 3Dlabs Realizm 800 and some luck... the results tell their own tales.

   June 2005
  • PC MagazinElephant Race - The PC MAGAZINE has compared four workstations with CPUs from Intel, Apple and AMD with video editing software. In the Opteron class the Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885ANRF) could convince the staff.
    See the article
    here and table here

  • PC ProPC Pro RecommendedTyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) - PC Pro Recommended! The Armari company presented a compact powerhouse of a Tyan based system with stunning raw processing performance.  See the article here

   April 2005
  • Phoronix Editor's ChoiceTyan's Tomcat K8E S2865 is a prime example of [Tyan's] continuing success in the workstation/server arena for motherboards… if you are looking for a solid workstation board, look no further than the Tyan [Tomcat] K8E S2865. TYAN Tomcat K8E (S2865) awarded PHORONIX EDITOR'S CHOICE

  • AMDZone Editor Choice AwardAMD Zone has given its prestigious EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD to the Tyan Transport GX28 (B2881) barebones server system! "We found that it was a solid server with all of the components you would need... Tyan backs it with great documentation, along with solid and stable performance." For the full article, click here

   March 2005
  • Network ComputingTYAN Transport TX46 - 'A Power Quartet'. 
    "Tyan packs four Opterons into its barebone Transport TX46 server together with up to 32 Gbytes of RAM – for the price of a dual Xeon system. [...] The TX46 is an excellent choice for cluster applications, where the main criterion is that the system provide a high performance density [...]"
  • Network ComputingTYAN Transport TX46 - 'One for all, all in One'
    "Network Computing tested a cluster with three ESX Servers for a period of six months. [...] In our experience – gained during these tests in our Real-World Labs – the AMD Opteron CPU is currently more suitable as a hardware basis for virtual servers than Intel's Xeon. The main advantage of the AMD platform is less its raw processing power than its decentralized memory management [...]"

   January 2005
  • HKEPCTyan makes strides with cutting-edge Thunder K8WE (S2895) in HKEPC top-line article! "NVIDIA officially proclaims the server and workstation move to PCI Express platforms with the nForce Professional core-logic product. This chipset runs true DUAL PCI Express x16 in SLI mode, and we're looking at the Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) as the very first platform to support this new chipset family." (translated from article here)
  • Hardware12vHardware12v has recommended the Tomcat i915 (S5120) for its excellent controls and feature sets that make it stand out from the competition! "Great control over all its functionalities (RAID, VGA, memoria, LAN)" (translated from Spanish)  For the full article, click here
  • PC MOBOSPC MOBOS (CPU Magazine) gives the Tiger K8W (S2875) 4 out of 5 rating! The latest issue of PC MOBOS from CPU Magazine praises the Tiger K8W (S2875) for features and capabilities. " ...given the Tiger K8W's very attractive price, this board is a good value and a great way for a newcomer to try a dual-Opteron system."  For the full article, click here

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