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Awards and Reviews 2006
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   October 2006

   September 2006
  • PC DIY! Editor's ChoiceMedia: PC DIY
    Country: Taiwan
    Date: 2006/09
    Periodical Number: NO.112 [
    scanned image ]
    Brief introduction:

    TYAN Computer Corp.'s
    Thunder h2000M (S3992) and Tempest i5000PX (S5380) server motherboards were rewarded with both the "Editor's Choice" and "Certified" awards by PC DIY! Magazine, the premier publication for IT enthusiasts in Taiwan. The editor described " TYAN Computer manufactures and markets advanced server and workstation motherboards which extends to a wide variety of complete product lines to meet the needs of clients' All of TYAN Computer's products are highly recognized by users and customers."

   August 2006
  • Award PC365PC365 Media awards TYAN S5365 the most outstanding performance prize. See the full report here.

    "By the results of the benchmark, the Tyan
    S5365 showed brilliant performance. We are very impressed by it's design, materials, and performance. It's an ideal match to the Xeon® LV processors." [translated]

   July 2006
  • Phoronix Editor's Choice AwardTyan Tiger i7520SD (S5365) won Phoronix Editor's Choice Award! "...the performance-per-watt was certainly phenomenal...The motherboard [Tiger i7520SD (S5365)] also continued to boast terrific Linux compatibility and performance..."

   June 2006
  • PC DIY! Excellent Design AwardMedia: PC DIY
    Country: Taiwan
    Date: 2006/05
    Periodical Number: NO.345
    Brief introduction:

    Tempest i5000PX (S5380) motherboard awarded PCDIY! EXECELLENT DESIGN AWARD of 2006. The editor indicated "Tyan launched four new server boards and workstation board that expend Tyan's product lines with all sufficient specs... Tyan's Tempest i5000PX (S5380) is the right choice for workstation and computer geek."

   May 2006
  • Common Wealth MagazineMedia: Common Wealth Magazine
    Country: Taiwan
    Date: 2006/05
    Periodical Number: NO.345 [
    scanned image ]
    Brief introduction:

    Tyan Computer Corp. has been ranked as 384th among the Top 1000 manufacturer companies of 2006 in Taiwan. Tyan is also valued as the 63rd fast growing company with an incredible 51.6 % growth rate in comparison to all other manufacturer companies based in Taiwan. Tyan's outstanding achievement and performance provides the opportunity for many in the public to recognize the potential for Tyan's future through this recent ranking award.

    Common Wealth (Taiwan) is a professional financial magazine with an excellent reputation in Taiwan for objective news and commentary on business. It focuses on reporting important market trends and social transformations in Taiwan and all over the world. Each year Common Wealth will investigate the Top 1000 companies involved in manufacturing, finances and service. The survey outcome is not only widely-recognized throughout the industry, it is also a metric used by many in the general public.

   January 2006


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