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Tyan® introduces newest workstation solution for Intel® Pentium® 4 processors - Tyan Makes Strong Entrance to Workstation Market With Solution  Based on the New Intel® E7205 Chipset.

Fremont, CA, November 18, 2002 -
Tyan® today launched its first Intel® Pentium® 4 processor platform based on the Intel® E7205 chipset.  The new Trinity i7205 S2662 targets entry to mid-range single processor workstations and delivers cutting-edge performance at a competitive price.

The most notable new feature of the Trinity i7205 is the enablement of 8X/4X AGP Pro50 (1.5V), which supports any number of both value and high-end gaming and workstation graphics add-in solutions.  The dual-channel memory bus allows the Trinity i7205 to utilize Intel Pentium® 4 processors at 3.06 GHz with 533MHz Front Side Bus and Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology.

The Trinity i7205 boasts a powerful onboard Gigabit Ethernet controller and no less than six USB 2.0/1.1 ports to support the newest USB devices on the market as well as provide backwards compatibility in nearly any system configuration.  Adding to the richness of the Trinity i7205's feature set is a six-channel audio Dolby Digital 5.1 subsystem which includes a Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF) RCA connector that outputs nearly perfect, lossless sound transfer.

"The Trinity i7205 exemplifies the absolute latest in platform technology for the Intel Pentium® 4 processor with Intel®'s Hyper-Threading Technology," said Don Clegg, Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Tyan.  "With high performance features such as AGP 8X, dual-channel DDR memory, Gigabit Ethernet and digital audio support, the Trinity i7205 is ideally positioned to satisfy the uncompromising requirements of the high-end gaming and value workstation markets."

 "Value workstations based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor and Intel® E7205 chipset, such as the Tyan Trinity i7205, combine innovative technologies, such as Intel's Hyper Threading Technology and AGP 8x, with high performance to accommodate demanding workstation applications," said Hemant Dhulla, director of marketing for Intel's Enterprise Chipsets Marketing Group. 

The Trinity i7205 is currently sampling, and will reach volume production in Dec. 2002.

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About Tyan

Tyan Computer Corporation, founded in 1989 by long-time Intel and IBM executive Dr. T. Symon Chang, designs, manufactures and markets advanced system board technology.  Its products are sold to OEMs, VARs, System Integrators, and Resellers worldwide.  Over the last decade, Tyan has consistently been one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United States.  Tyan was named to the prestigious INC 500 in 1997 and 1998 (19th fastest growing U.S. company in 1997).  Tyan was also ranked by Deloitte & Touche as one of the USA's "Fast 500", as well as one of Silicon Valley's "Fast 50" companies in 1998.  For more information, contact Tyan directly at 510-651-8868 or visit the company's web site at

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