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Tyan® Announces Dual Pentium® Pro 12O Motherboard Targeted to High Performance Server Market

MILPITAS, California, April 18, 1997 - Tyan® Computer Corp., a leading developer of system boards and add-in cards, today announced the Talon AT, a high performance dual Pentium Pro I2O system board. The Talon AT will give a significant Input/Output performance boost to servers and other high-end computer systems.

The new motherboard, which is upgradable from one to two processors and allows you to choose a wide range of Pentium Pro processor speeds and types (150-200MHz with 256K/512K cache), will ship in May.

Tyan's Talon AT utilizes Intel's newest and fastest Pentium Pro chipset, the 440FX PCIset. It has eight PCI slots (four bus master and four I2O-compliant) and three ISA slots, which allows room for PCI expansion and support for older cards. This full size (13"x12") AT board includes eight 72-pin SIMM sockets with support for a maximum of 1GB EDO or FPM DRAM.

The Talon AT features Intel's i960 I2O processor with Wind River Systems' IxWorks RT Operating System installed to implement the I2O architecture. I2O is a new architecture that is being promoted by Intel and others to improve I/O performance by offloading I/O interruptions to free the server's CPU for applications processing. Tyan is a member of the I2O SIG which is spearheading the development of the standard.  Novell, Microsoft, and The Santa Cruz Operation are among those developing I2O compliant upgrades to their operating systems.

"The Talon AT motherboard is positioned to the mid-range server and high-end computer systems user. It demonstrates Tyan's commitment to delivering leading edge technology in order to give our customers a competitive advantage," said Tyan President Larry Barber.

Other standard features of the Talon AT include a new LM78 sensor chip, which protects the system from overheating and provides a server-level system monitoring with on-board alarms for voltage, fan and heat; an on-board switching voltage regulator; and on-board PCI EIDE. It also has Super I/O for maximum performance, enabling it to utilize a wide variety of hard disks, CD-ROMs, modems and other peripherals. Tyan offers a choice of Award or AMI Plug 'n' Play Flash BIOS. The Talon AT is backed by a  two year warranty.

Tyan, a privately-held company based in Milpitas, CA, and a long time Intel marketing OEM partner, is expected to ship the Talon AT the first of May. The Talon AT is priced at $400 in OEM quantities.

Tyan's family of  Pentium and Pentium Pro motherboards are based on Intel's chipsets, including the 430TX, 430HX, 430VX and 440FX. These products cover a wide range of applications, from dual processing to high-end  workstation and server configurations.

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Tyan, founded in 1989 by long-time Intel and IBM executive Dr. T. Symon Chang, designs, manufactures, and markets advanced system board technology. Its products are sold to OEMs, systems integrators, VARs and resellers worldwide. During the nineties, Tyan has consistently been one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. Tyan was named to the prestigious INC 500 in 1997 (19th fastest growing U.S. company) and in 1998. It was also ranked by Deloitte & Touche as one of the USA's "Fast 500" as well as one of Silicon Valley's "Fast 50" companies in 1998.

Press Contact: Matt Vernon, Tyan Computer, 510-651-8868,

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