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Tyan® Mainboards compatible with ICP Vortex RAID / Disk Array Controllers On Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL), Thunder 2 ATX (S1696DLUA)

MILPITAST, California, April 28, 1998 - Tyan Mainboards Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL) and Thunder 2 ATX (S1696DLUA) have been tested by  ICP vortex Computer Systems, a leading manufacturer of Cache RAID /Disk-Array Controllers. Test results show that the two TYAN Mainboards have no compatibility problems with ICP products.

TYAN Mainboard Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL) and Thunder 2 ATX (S1696DLUA) were checked in a long- term stress test to prove compatibility with the complete product range of ICP vortex. ICP vortex Computer Systems confirmed that the TYAN Mainboards successfully passed all stress tests and are now on the official compatibility lists.  This recommendation proves the full compatibility of TYAN Mainboard Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL) and Thunder 2 ATX (S1696DLUA) with ICP products.

These test results are interesting for all users of high-end Servers and Server solutions. For those who are already working with TYAN Tiger 2 ATX or Thunder 2 ATX Mainboards, this is another example of the high quality and standards of these products.

These certificates present an interesting alternative for all customers who are planning to rearm their workstations and high-end servers requiring the highest quality available in the present Mainboard market.

Further evaluation of Tyan Mainboards are ongoing, so that in the long run all Tyan Mainboards will have been tested and assessed by the ICP vortex Computer Systems to prove complete compatibility in combination with ICP Controllers systems.

Tyan provides a complete family of Pentium-II class and Socket 7 motherboards based on Intel's, and the industry's latest chipsets. These products support a wide range of applications and solutions -- from single and multi-processor desktop and PC workstations, to higher-end workstation and server configurations.

For further information about Tyan or any of its products visit the company's web site at

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Tyan, founded in 1989 by long-time Intel and IBM executive Dr. T. Symon Chang, designs, manufactures, and markets advanced system board technology. Its products are sold to OEMs, systems integrators, VARs and resellers worldwide. During the nineties, Tyan has consistently been one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.S. Tyan was named to the prestigious INC 500 in 1997 (19th fastest growing U.S. company) and in 1998. It was also ranked by Deloitte & Touche as one of the USA's "Fast 500" as well as one of Silicon Valley's "Fast 50" companies in 1998.

Press Contact: Matt Vernon, Tyan Computer, 510-651-8868,

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