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Nov. 14, 2006

TYAN COMPUTER CORP. LAUNCHES NEW OEM DIVISION, TyanPSC, AT SC 2006 - TyanPSC's new OEM brand and products demonstrated at booth #240

Nov. 14, 2006

TyanPSC ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF TyanPSC-600 SERIES PERSONAL SUPERCOMPUTER - Supports Intel's "Clovertown" processors and Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Nov. 14, 2006

Tyan launches TyanPSC-600 series Personal Supercomputer with Platform Open Cluster Stack - TyanPSC Personal Supercomputer platform provides turnkey integration

Nov. 14, 2006


Sep. 26, 2006


Aug. 15, 2006


Jun. 28, 2006

Tyan Announces the TyanPSC for Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 - Tyan and Microsoft are working together to deliver Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 on Tyan's TyanPSC ushering in the Microsoft Windows era of Personal Cluster Computing

Jun. 26, 2006

TYAN NEXT-GEN SERVER PLATFORMS OFFER PERFORMANCE INCREASE, POWER - SAVINGS WITH NEW INTEL PROCESSOR SERIES - TYAN Motherboards Based on new Intel Xeon Processors & Chipsets Deliver Stunning Speeds, and Incredible Energy Efficiency

Jun. 21, 2006

AMD SOCKET AM2 MOTHERBOARD FROM TYAN® DELIVERS ROBUST FEATURES FOR HIGH-DENSITY SERVER ENVIRONMENTS - Newly-minted TYAN Motherboard Provides Powerful Energy Efficiency and Great Server Capabilities in Small Form Factor

Jun. 07, 2006

TYAN SHIFTS PARADIGMS WITH PERSONAL SUPERCOMPUTER - Advent of New TyanPSC Supercomputer Enables Faster Research, Desk-Side Supercomputing and more

May. 23, 2006

TYAN DELIVERS NEW INTEL-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR SERVER MARKET - Tyan's S5380 and S5370 Series Deliver Unprecedented Solutions for a Growing IT Industry

Apr. 25, 2006


Apr. 05, 2006

TYAN ESTABLISHES COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT - Industry-Leading Motherboard and System Provider Makes Widespread Changes, Benefits Future Ecosystem

Mar. 14, 2006

8-SOCKET MONSTER OPTERON WORKSTATION UNLEASHED BY TYAN - Tyan Thunder K8QE (S4885) Features Multiple PCI Express Slots and Much More

Mar. 09, 2006

TYAN COMMITS TO THE RISE OF THE PERSONAL SUPER COMPUTER - TyanPSC from Tyan heralds New Era in High-Performance Computing for Researchers,Developers

Mar. 09, 2006

TYAN EXHIBIT OPENS WITH LATEST IN SERVER/WORKSTATION TECHNOLOGY - CeBIT Hannover Opens with Grand Tyan Exhibition of Breakthrough Products and Solutions

Mar. 07, 2006

DUAL-CORE, XEON PROCESSOR LV SERVER BOARD GOES LIVE AT TYAN - Tiger i7520SD (S5365) Introduction Heralds New-Found Power-Efficiency and Performance

Mar. 07, 2006

TYAN CONTINUES TO ASTOUND WITH NEW SERVER SOLUTIONS - Tyan's S5380 and S5370 Series Deliver Unprecedented Solutions for a Growing Server Market

Mar. 06, 2006

TYAN PLEDGES SUPPORT FOR NEW AMD OPTERON x85 PROCESSORS - AMD Opteron 885, 285, and 185 to be Supported by Current and Upcoming Tyan Products

Feb. 16, 2006

TYAN ANSWERS BUSINESS NEEDS WITH SMB TOWER SOLUTION - Tyan Transport PX22 (B2865) Delivers Performance, Server-class Features with Future-Proofing

Feb. 10, 2006

SLEEK, TOOL-LESS 1U RACKMOUNT SERVER SOLUTIONS LAUNCHED - Tyan Transport GT20 (B3870) and Transport GT20 (B5161) offer convenience, power for IT applications

Feb. 10, 2006

TYAN DEBUTS SMALL YET POWERFUL DUAL XEON DDR2 SERVER BOARD - Tyan Tiger i7322DP (S5353) has all the power of a full-size server board in a smaller package

Jan. 20, 2006

TYAN RELEASES RACKMOUNT ENCLOSURES - Rackmount chassis enclosures from Tyan encompass Rich Features and Robust Functionality

Jan. 05, 2006

INCREDIBLE DUAL AMD OPTERON SERVER HITS THE ATX SPACE - Tyan Tiger K8SSA (S3870) Integrates Powerful Server Features into ATX Form Factor

   2005 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Dec. 19, 2005

TYAN LAUNCHES DUAL CORE SINGLE PROCESSOR 1U-READY SERVER PLATFORM - Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) Provides Wealth of Features for 1U Applications

Dec. 19, 2005

NEW SERIAL-ATTACHED SCSI SOLUTIONS FROM TYAN - Tyan TARO™ M9000 Card Delivers SAS and HostRAID™ Add-on Functionality for Server Boards

Nov. 11, 2005

SUPERCOMPUTING 2005 TO SHOWCASE DESK-SIDE SUPERCOMPUTER FROM TYAN - Tyan Personal Supercomputer and High-Performance Clustering Boxes on Display at SC'05

Nov. 02, 2005

SMALL BUT POWERFUL TYAN SERVER/WS MOTHERBOARD UNLEASHED - Tyan Tiger K8WE (S2877) Delivers Server and Workstation Power in a Small Scale Package

Oct. 11, 2005

TYAN SHOWCASES SERVERS FOR ALL APPLICATIONS AT INTEL SHOW - Intel Channel Conference Offers Great Opportunities to see Latest Tyan Products

Oct. 10, 2005

TYAN MULTIPLIES SERVER LINE WITH DUAL-CORE INTEL® XEON™ PRODUCTS - Tyan Launches Complete Set of Server Boards to Support Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors

Oct. 06, 2005

TYAN INVOKES DUAL CORE POWER WITH DUAL PRODUCT LAUNCH - Tyan Tomcat K8E-SLI (S2866) and Transport GT20 (B2865) Deliver Performance over Cost

Sep. 26, 2005

TYAN REVEALS NETWORK SECURITY PRODUCTS FOR OEM/SI CUSTOMERS - Tyan "Triumph" Network Appliances Enable Customers to Develop, Market their Security Products

Aug. 22, 2005

TYAN INTRODUCES NEW PLATFORMS/SYSTEMS AT INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM - Showcase Features Newest Dual-Core Platforms, Barebones Servers from Tyan (Booth #714)

Aug. 22, 2005

TYAN INTRODUCES DUAL-CORE 1P SERVER PLATFORM - Tyan Tomcat i7230A (S5160) Provides Virtualization and High-Performance Throughput

Aug. 09, 2005

Cutting Edge First to Bring to Market Network-Based Storage Platform - Reseller Focused Storage Value Pack Allows SIs to Maximize Margins within the Storage Arena

Aug. 02, 2005


Jul. 25, 2005

TYAN® DELIVERS CONVENIENCE & EFFICIENCY w/ NEW 1U RACKMOUNT SERVERS - Transport GT20 and GT24 Servers Provide Instant Barebones Systems for Mainstream IT

Jul. 13, 2005

TYAN® UNLEASHES 4/8-SOCKET SOLUTIONS FOR PUBLIC VIEWING - Thunder K8QW (S4881) and Transport VX50 (B4881) Launched

Jun. 08, 2005

TYAN® EVOLVES PENTIUM® 4 SERVER PLATFORM - Tyan Tomcat i7221A (S5151) P4 Platform Offers New Features, Powerful Single Processor Performance

Jun. 01, 2005

SUDDEN APPEARANCE OF SEVERELY POWERFUL 8-WAY SERVER PLATFORM AND SYSTEM - Tyan and AMD Unleash the Ultimate 8-Way Platform and Server System

May 31, 2005

TYAN TO OFFER GLIMPSE INTO FUTURE OF SERVER, WORKSTATION DESIGNS AT COMPUTEX 2005 - Platforms & Systems to Showcase Tyan Products Based on Intel & AMD

May 31, 2005

Transport GT20 and GT24 to Deliver Convenience and Ease-of-Use to Customers

May 10, 2005

TYAN DUAL CORE SERVER ATTACK! - Tyan Introduces Two Classic Server Boards - Now Upgraded for AMD Dual Core Support

May 04, 2005

AMD/Tyan/SUSE Set LAN Server Throughput Record

May 03, 2005

MULTI-PURPOSE HIGH-END DUAL AMD SERVER INTRODUCED BY TYAN - Tyan Thunder K8SE (S2892) Brings a Whole New Level of Functionality to Server Market

Apr. 21, 2005

AN EVOLUTION IN THE POWER OF THE PROCESSOR: TYAN® SUPPORTS AMD FOR DUAL-CORE LAUNCH - Tyan Breaks New Ground with Cutting-Edge Microprocessor Architecture Support for the Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processor

Apr. 18, 2005

ALIENWARE UNLEASHES NEXT GENERATION OF WORKSTATION PERFORMANCE WITH NEW MJ-12 7550a - Alienware's Most Powerful Workstation to Date Equips Creative Professionals with Dual AMD Opteron Processors and Support for Upcoming SLI-Enabled NVIDIA Quadro Graphics

Mar. 10, 2005


Mar. 10, 2005

ECOLOGY MEETS FUNCTIONALITY: TYAN® UNVEILS NEW EMBEDDED PLATFORM - Tyan's Tomcat K7M (S2498) Server Platform is Compact and Thermally-Efficient

Mar. 10, 2005

THE WAIT IS OVER: TYAN® INTRODUCES FLEXIBLE AMD ATHLON 64 FX SERVER/DESKTOP PLATFORM - Tyan Tomcat K8E (S2865) Offers Power and Application Diversity for Home and Business Users

Mar. 10, 2005

TYAN® UNVEILS ARRAY OF NEW PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS AT CEBIT GERMANY - CeBIT Hannover hosts Tyan Exhibition with Incredible Range of New Platforms & Systems

Mar. 01, 2005

Appro brings 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ Processors, InfiniBand and PCI Express Technologies to XtremeBlade Solution

Jan. 24, 2005


   2004 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Nov. 24, 2004

TYAN & AMD TO SHOWCASE NEXT-GENERATION AMD64 SOLUTIONS - TYAN and AMD to host Joint Promotional Event for Cutting-Edge AMD64 Products

Nov. 10, 2004

TYAN EXHIBITS LATEST AT SIMO TCI EVENT - SIMO TCI Will Host the Newest Leading-Edge Products from Tyan ( Hall 2, Booth #212 )

Nov. 08, 2004

TYAN SHOWCASES LATEST SOLUTIONS AT SUPERCOMPUTING 2004 - Newest Platforms and Barebones Systems Exhibited at Premier Supercomputing Event

Oct. 25, 2004

TYAN'S TRANSPORT GX21 (B5350) INTRODUCES VERSATILITY ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL - Newest Transport GX21 (B5350) Barebones Server Offers Power, Adaptability for 1U Segment

Oct. 22, 2004

SMALL P4 SERVER FROM TYAN DELIVERS SUBSTANTIAL POWER - Tyan's Tomcat i845GV (S3098) offers Performance Premiums in Compact Space

Oct. 18, 2004

AIC & TYAN OFFER JOINT SOLUTIONS TO MEET CUSTOMER DEMAND - AIC & Tyan Offer Cross-Compatible Solution and Customer-Accessible Exhibits at ICC/AMD Tech Tour

Oct. 15, 2004

NEW TYAN PRODUCTS AND MORE AT INTEL, AMD ROADSHOWS - Tyan will present new and exciting solutions at Intel/AMD nation-wide event

Oct. 01, 2004

GITEX DUBAI HOSTS LATEST INTEL, AMD PLATFORMS FROM TYAN - Tyan to Exhibit Exciting Server and Workstation Solutions at Premier Middle East IT Event (Booth #212)

Sep. 20, 2004

BREAKTHROUGH PENTIUM® 4 SERVER PLATFORM INTRODUCED BY TYAN® - Tyan Tomcat i7221 (S5150) P4 Platform Delivers Incredible Features For the Rackmount Space

Sep. 07, 2004

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM HOSTS TYAN'S LATEST SERVER AND WORKSTATION SOLUTIONS - Tyan to Showcase Full Range of Platforms at IDF from September 7th to 9th at San Francisco's Moscone Cente (Booth #: 449)

Aug. 03, 2004

TYAN® SHOWCASES POWERFUL NEW SERVER PRODUCTS AT LINUXWORLD EVENT - Tyan Platforms and Rackmount Servers Exhibited at Top Linux Event (Booth #: 1643)

Aug. 02, 2004

SERVER TECHNOLOGY REACHES NEW HEIGHTS WITH FOUR NEW PLATFORMS FROM TYAN® - Introducing Tyan's New Intel®-Based Thunder i7520/R (S5360/S5360-1U) and Tiger i7320/R (S5350/S5350-1U) Server Platforms

Jul. 21, 2004

TYAN®'s NEWEST COMPACT SERVER APPLIANCE DELIVERS INCREDIBLE APPLICATION FLEXBILITY IN A SUB-1U - Tyan Transport GS12 (B5103G12) Offers Customers Powerful Small Server for a Wide Range of Possibilities

Jul. 19, 2004

Buffalo Technology Teams with TYAN® for Memory Module Validation - TYAN®'s Validation of Buffalo's Memory Modules Provides Server Builders With Next-Generation System Board Solutions

Jul. 08, 2004

TYAN® drives Server Market forward with New High-Performance Dual AMD Opteron™ Rackmount Chipsets - TYAN®'s Latest Barebones Rackmount Delivers Incredible Speed and Performance for 1U Server Space

Jun. 28, 2004

TYAN® elevates Digital Video and Graphics Performance with Release of Evolutionary PCI Express-Based Workstation Platform - TYAN®'s Thunder i7525 (S2676) Delivers Breakthrough Processing Power for Workstation Applications

Jun. 23, 2004

TYAN® enables Digital Home/Office Initiative by delivering Next Generation Platforms based on Intel® 915G/925X Chipsets - Tomcat i915 (S5120) and Tomcat i925X (S5130) Aim to Provide Rich Features for Digital Home/Office Environments

Jun. 02, 2004

TYAN®-built 4-way AMD Opteron™ platform shakes server industry - Thunder K8QS Pro (S4882) from TYAN® enables customers to realize increased processing power

Jun. 02, 2004

TYAN® delivers a new 64-bit Quad AMD Opteron™ server that will shape industries - TYAN®'s Transport TX46 (B4882T46) 2U system provides 4-way performance with 64-bit power

May 24, 2004

TYAN® upgrades for next level of AMD Opteron™ processor - next-level 64-bit AMD Opteron™ 250 support added to multiple server and workstation platforms

May 20, 2004

AMD validation of TYAN®'s compact server platform - enables customers with new level of 64-bit performance

May 19, 2004

Top-level industry leader Alienware chooses TYAN® for newest workstation solutions - Alienware Builds Professional Development Systems with Award-Winning TYAN® Tiger K8W (S2875)

May 17, 2004

TYAN® 's Transport TA26 (B2882T26) server redefines Scalability and Reliability in a 2U Rackmount - Tyan's Transport TA26 (B2882T26) Provides 64-bit Power and High Storage Flexibility in a 2U Form Factor

Apr. 28, 2004

AMD formally recognizes TYAN® as solution provider in 2004 - TYAN® Product Solutions Endorsed by AMD through Market Builder and SPP Program

Apr. 13, 2004

TYAN® invites customers to view products and participate in Giveaways at the Intel® Channel Conference - Tyan to present latest channel-ready products at ICC road show

Apr. 06, 2004

The Latest in Server and Cluster-Ready Solutions to be showcased by TYAN® at Clusterworld Event (Booth #: 219) - Platforms and products on display at the premier cluster event for North America

Mar. 18, 2004

TYAN® debuts the Thunder K8QS (S4880), newest Quad AMD Opteron™ processor-based systemboard for servers - Targeted towards OEMs and System Integrators, TYAN®'s Four-Way AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Motherboard Delivers Outstanding Performance and Scalability at an Affordable Price

Mar. 01, 2004

TYAN® releases the Tomcat i7210 (S5112), an advanced Intel® Pentium® 4 based server platform in ATX - The Tomcat i7210 (S5112) Debuts as a 1-Way Server Motherboard With Competitive Features

Feb. 20, 2004

TYAN® introduces the Transport GX28 (B2882), an AMD recommended 1U rackmount server based on 64-bit architecture - the Transport GX28 (B2882) Delivers Performance for High Power Computing (HPC)

Feb. 17, 2004

TYAN® displaying next-generation server solutions at the Intel Developer Forum  - TYAN® to Participate at Intel Developer Forum, Feb. 17th to 19th in San Francisco. (Booth #613)

Jan. 21, 2004

TYAN® awarded with four Symbol of Excellence Awards from the Republic of China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) - TYAN®'s Products Receive High Accolades for Excellence and Quality

Jan. 15, 2004

The Thunder K8S Pro (S2882) is validated by AMD to support the AMD Opteron™ 248 processor - AMD continues to recommend TYAN®'s Opteron™ processor based motherboards

Jan. 14, 2004

TYAN® announces the Transport GX21 series, 1U rackmount servers based on the Intel® infrastructure - The Transport GX21 Systems Are Versatile Solutions for Web Servers, Proxy Servers, Clustering, and More

Jan. 12, 2004

TYAN® introduces the Thunder K8SR (S2881), dual AMD Opteron™ server motherboard optimized for rackmounts - the Thunder K8SR (S2881) Is the Ultimate Rackmount Solution with Advanced Airflow Design

   2003 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Nov. 24, 2003

ATI Technologies promotes developer relations partnership with TYAN

Nov. 19, 2003

TYAN®'s Thunder K8W (S2885) becomes the FIRST high-end Workstation platform recommended by AMD to support the Opteron™ 248 processor - TYAN® is the ONLY Manufacturer to Offer AMD-Recommended Server and Workstation Solutions for the Opteron™ 248 Processor

Nov. 18, 2003

TYAN® is one of the FIRST to be validated by AMD to support the AMD Opteron™ 248 processor - AMD Recommends Using the TYAN® Thunder K8S (S2880) to support the New Opteron™ 248 Processor

Nov. 05, 2003

TYAN® launches the Tiger i7501R (S2735), A flexible and powerful dual Intel® Xeon™ processor-based platform for mid-range 1U/2U servers - The Tiger i7501R (S2735) Debuts as the Industry's First ATX platform With Six DIMM Slots

Oct. 06, 2003

TYAN® announces partnership with Wintec Industries - TYAN® and Wintec Industries Join to Deliver Cutting Edge Technology

Sep. 22, 2003

TYAN® unleashes the Thunder K8S Pro (S2882), a high-end system board featuring dual AMD Opteron™ technology - The Thunder K8S Pro (S2882) Enables the Ideal Dual Opteron™ 1U/2U Platform

Sep. 22, 2003

The TYAN® Tiger K8W (S2875) enters the market as a value dual AMD Opteron™ workstation in ATX form factor - Tyan Adds the Tiger K8W (S2875) to its Reputable Line of High Performing AMD Opteron™ Solutions

Sep. 16, 2003

TYAN® showcasing a wide range of solutions for different market segments at the Intel Developer Forum - Tyan Displaying Comprehensive Product Lines at the IDF

Sep. 8, 2003

TYAN® releases the Tomcat i875P (S5102), A value server solution in ATX - The Tomcat i875P Supports Serial ATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and More

Aug. 18, 2003

The Thunder K8W (S2885) emerges as the industry's premier high-end dual AMD Opteron™ workstation

Aug. 06, 2003

The Tachyon G9800 PRO-M enters the market as the only ATI® RADEON™ 9800 based graphics card in the world with hardware monitorning - TYAN® Continues to Offer Industry Leading Designs for Graphics Solutions

Jul. 21, 2003

The Tomcat K8S (S2850) offers a single AMD Opteron™ server solution for the value market - The Tomcat K8S (S2850) is the First Single Opteron™ Server Motherboard in ATX Form Factor

Jun. 16, 2003

TYAN® exhibiting at ClusterWorld Conference and Expo - June 24th to June 26th - Server Motherboards, Barebones Solutions, and Live Demonstrations at the Exclusive Conference for Clustered Systems - Booth # 225

Jun. 13, 2003

Dual AMD Opteron™ processor based Thunder K8S (S2880) solution validated by AMD - AMD Recommends the Thunder K8S (S2880) Server Solution

Jun. 13, 2003

TYAN® adds Three new barebones systems to the Transport server solution line - Barebones Solutions Available in 1U and 2U Configurations

Jun. 09, 2003

TYAN® unleashes the Tachyon G9800 PRO, G9600 PRO, and G9200, graphics accelerators for high-end, mainstream, and entry level gaming - Tachyon G9800 PRO, G9600 PRO and G9200 Provides Flexibility and Control for a Wide Range of Gamers

Jun. 02, 2003

For New and Upcoming Products - TYAN® Offering An Alternative to the Postponed Computex Computer Show

May 23, 2003

TYAN® announces the Tiger i7501S (S2725), feature rich server platform in ATX - Unveiling the Newest Dual Xeon™ Based Server Solution Compact Form Factor

May 23, 2003

TYAN® announces Special Bundle Program for AMD Opteron™ based motherboard and "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64" - For a Limited Time, TYAN Bundles the Thunder K8S (S2880) with Advanced Operating System, "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64" for Customers in Asia and Australia

Apr. 28, 2003

TYAN® launches the Thunder K8S S2880, a Dual AMD Opteron™ processor-based platform optimized for Rackmount Servers - Thunder K8S (S2880) Delivers 64-bit Computing to the Server Market

Apr. 22, 2003

TYAN® introduces the Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726, a powerful solution for intensive CPU & I/O needs - The Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726 Brings a Robust and Highly Integrated Solution to the High End Server Market

Apr. 15, 2003

TYAN® announces the Tiger i7501X (S3022), a versatile server solution - The Tiger i7501X Delivers Flexibility and Productivity

Apr. 14, 2003

TYAN® unveils the Trinity i875P and Tomcat i875P, platforms based on the new Intel® 875P chipset with 800MHz system bus - TYAN® Announces Workstation and Server Solutions Based on Intel®'s Next-Generation 875P Chipset

Apr. 09, 2003

TYAN® upgrades server platform to higher I/O Bandwidth and Manageability with 533MHz system bus - The Thunder i7501 S2720-533 Offers the Ultimate Performance of 533MHz FSB Technology

Mar. 17, 2003

TYAN® announces the Tachyon G9500 PRO, The Newest solution for the Mainstream Gamer - The Latest Graphics Accelerator From TYAN® Delivers Innovative Features and User Friendly Applications

Mar. 12, 2003

TYAN® unveiling new motherboards, graphics cards, and server solutions at CeBIT - TYAN®'s Growing Product Lines to be Displayed at International IT Conference

Mar. 12, 2003

TYAN® exhibiting full line of Tachyon graphics cards at CeBIT 2003 - With the Tachyon Series Growing, TYAN® is Displaying the Latest Industry Leading Graphics Accelerators at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

Feb. 27, 2003

TYAN® Launches TRANSPORT Line of Server Platforms - Barebones Solutions Available in Quad, Dual, and Single-Processor Configurations

Feb. 18, 2003

TYAN® 2004 Server Platforms to Implement PCI Express* Technology - TYAN® to deliver PCI Express-based Leading Servers in 2004

Feb. 18, 2003

TYAN® introduces new Workstation Solution for the Value Market Segment - TYAN® Releases High Performance ATX Platform for Dual-Intel® Xeon™ Processors

Feb. 18, 2003

TYAN® showcasing new products at Intel Developer Forum - TYAN® Introduces Barebones Systems and New Server Platforms at IDF

   2002 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Dec. 02, 2002

Tyan releases latest single AMD based platform - Tyan Re-enters the Single Processor Market With the Most Advanced AMD Athlon XP Technology Solutions.

Nov. 25, 2002

Tyan unleashes the much anticipated Tachyon G9700 PRO Graphics Card - Tyan's ATI RADEON™ Based Graphics Card Enters the Gamer's Market With High- Performance and Confidence.

Nov. 18, 2002

Tyan utilizes Serverworks' Grand Champion™ core logic to expand server board lineup - Thunder GC-LE, Tiger GC-SL and Trinity GC-SL Provide Ideal Price/Performance for Wide Variety of Single and Dual-Processor Server Solutions.

Nov. 18, 2002

Tyan launches groundbreaking workstation motherboard for Intel® Xeon™ processor - Tyan Thunder i7505 with Intel E7505 Supports AGP 8X, U320 SCSI, FireWire and More.

Nov. 18, 2002

Tyan introduces newest workstation solution for Intel® Pentium® 4 processors - Tyan Makes Strong Entrance to Workstation Market With Solution Based on the New Intel® E7205 Chipset

Nov. 18, 2002

Tyan refreshes Intel® Xeon™ processor-based motherboard lineup with Intel® E7501 chipset - Thunder i7501 and Tiger i7501 support latest Intel® Xeon™ Processors with 533MHz System Bus

Oct. 14, 2002

Tyan releases an advanced dual AMD Athlon™ MP processor platform for servers and high-end workstations - Tyan Continues to Support AMD Athlon™ MP Architecture For Leading-Edge Solutions

Sep. 30, 2002

Tyan launches World's First ATX motherboard for Intel® Xeon™ Processors - Tiger i7500 With Intel® E7500 Chipset Brings Industry-Leading Server Performance to ATX Format

Sep. 09, 2002

Tyan delivers groundbreaking Intel® E7500-based server platform - Thunder i7500 Pro Supports Intel® Xeon™ Processors with 512K cache; Features Five PCI Channels, Three LAN Ports

Aug. 21, 2002

InterVideo's WinDVD bundled with Tyan's Tachyon Graphics Cards Processor - InterVideo's WinDVD 4 And Tyan's Tachyon G9000 Pro Give Users Leading-Edge DVD Playback

Jul. 18, 2002

Tyan Introduces Tachyon G9000 PRO, Powered By ATI's new RADEON™ 9000 PRO Graphics Processor - Quad-pipe architecture and DirectX 8.1 support provide users with unbelievable visual experience at a truly affordable price

Jun. 10, 2002

Tyan announces breakthrough Server Platform for Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - Trinity GC-SL Features Broadcom's ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ SL Core Logic; Provides Outstanding Performance for Entry-Level Servers

Jun. 03, 2002

Tyan announces Four-Way Platform for Intel®  Xeon® Processor MP - Thunder GC-HE Features ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ HE Chipset; Provides Outstanding Performance for Enterprise Servers

May 20, 2002

Tyan announces Next-Generation Platforms for Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - New Trinity and Tomcat Series System Boards Utilize Latest Intel® 845 Chipsets

Apr. 08, 2002

Tyan announces next-generation dual CPU platform for AMD Athlon™ MP processor - Thunder K7X with AMD-760™ MPX Chipset Brings 66MHz 64-bit PCI to Server and Workstation Markets.

Mar. 21, 2002

Tyan dual Socket A system board recommended by AMD - Tiger MPX S2466N Platform Meets Strict AMD Qualification Standards

Feb. 28, 2002

Another example of Tyan's Dual AMD technology powering some of the most powerful computers in the world! (translated from German to English)

Feb. 25, 2002

Tyan announces system board for Intel® Xeon™ processor based servers - Tyan Thunder i7500 Supports Intel E7500 Chipset; Provides Breakthrough I/O Performance

Feb. 11, 2002

Tyan system boards power supercomputer at UC Santa Cruz - Tyan Thunder K7 System Board Technology at the Heart of Racksaver Supercomputing Cluster

Jan. 17, 2002

Tyan i860 platform supports latest Intel® Xeon™ processors - Tyan Thunder i860 Now Supports New "Prestonia" Series Intel® Xeon™ Processors

Jan. 08, 2002

Tyan announces next-generation platform featuring the Intel® 845D chipset - Tyan Trinity i845DDR Features New i845D Chipset Supporting High-Speed DDR Memory


   2001 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Dec. 12, 2001

Tyan announces next-generation platform featuring the AMD-760™ MPX chipset - Tyan Tiger MPX Supports the AMD Athlon™ MP Processor, 66MHz 64-bit PCI and More

Nov. 12, 2001

Tyan announces P4 platform featuring VIA P4X266 chipset - Tyan Trinity 510 Provides Leading-Edge Performance for Workstations and High-End Desktops

Oct. 08, 2001

Tyan announces powerful new server platform - Tyan Thunder HEsl-T Supports New Intel CPUs, SCSI, Adaptec ZCR, Dual LAN and More

Sep. 24, 2001

Tyan announces flexible platform for 1U/2U applications - Tyan Thunder LE-T Supports New Intel CPUs, SCSI or IDE RAID Options, Adaptec ZCR and More

Sep. 10, 2001

Tyan announces latest platform for Pentium 4 Processor - Tyan Trinity i845 Supports Next-Generation Intel Processor, SDRAM, 4X AGP And More

Aug. 20, 2001

Tyan announces new Tiger Dual-Processor System Boards - Tiger 200T and Tiger 230T Support New Intel Pentium III Processor With 512kB Cache

Aug. 14, 2001

Tyan announces mass production of Universal Socket 370 Platform - Tyan Tomcat i815T Supports New "Tualatin" Series Pentium III Processors from Intel

Jun. 28, 2001

AMD's Multiprocessor Platform Receives Novell's Server Software Certification (Tyan mentioned in AMD's press release)

Jun. 21, 2001

Tyan Thunder K7 platform Awarded BEST OF COMPUTEX - Tyan's Groundbreaking Dual AMD System Board Garners Best of Show Honors in Taiwan

Jun. 05, 2001

Tyan announces First Dual AMD Athlon™ MP Processor Platform - Tyan Thunder K7 Enables AMD to Enter Fast-Growing Server/Workstation Markets

May 21, 2001

Tyan announces system board for Intel® Xeon™ Processor - Thunder i860 Sets New Precedent for High-Performance Workstation Market

Mar. 19, 2001

Tyan announces Wide Availability of New Trinity KT-A - Supports Latest AMD Athlon™ CPUs, DMA/100 Drives and More

Mar. 09, 2001

Tyan Tiger 200 & Thunder LE applied on MegaServer -TBA - Telemática e Burótica Lda.

Feb. 15, 2001

Tyan launches Thunder HEsl Dual-Processor Systemboard - Workstation/Server Platform Features Latest Serverworks™ Chipset

Jan. 10, 2001

Tyan announces Tiger 230 Dual-Processor Systemboard - Cost-Effective Platform Designed For Entry-Level Workstations

Jan. 10, 2001

Tyan unveils Tiger 200 Dual-Processor Systemboard - Ideal Platform For Entry-Level Desktop and Rackmount Servers


   2000 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Oct. 19, 2000

Tyan Computer Corporation Introduces Thunder i840 Platform - Multi-Processor Systemboard Utilizes High-Performance Intel 840 Chipset

Sep. 27, 2000

Tyan announces the new Thunder LE - a robust design that powers Internet Infrastructure Servers.

Aug. 18, 2000

Tyan announces addition to award-winning Trinity Family - Trinity KT delivers 200MHz frontside bus support.

Feb. 24, 2000

Tyan announces addition to award-winning Trinity Family - Trinity K7 delivers 200MHz frontside bus support

Feb. 24, 2000

Tyan continues focus on server and workstation markets - Introducing Tyan's new Thunder 2400 and Thunder 2500 Boards

Feb. 24, 2000

Tyan announces its most affordable server / workstation board - New Tiger 133 equipped with numerous high-end features

Feb. 24, 2000

Tyan announces the company's first Flex ATX board - New Tomcat i810ef decreases overall system costs


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Sep. 30, 1999

Tyan Computer Corporation announces 810E based integrated systems board

Aug. 01, 1999

The Perfect Fit - Workstation/Server series from Tyan offers three new styles of motherboards and chassis combinations

Jun. 15, 1999

Trinity board supports full range of Socket 7 processors for desktop PCs - Super 7 Board Offers Ultimate Flexibility with 7 Expansion Slots and 768MB Memory

May 11, 1999

Tyan collaborates with Everex on development of graphics workstation system boards - Intel® 440GX based board with integrated dual channel Ultra2 SCSI

Apr. 26, 1999

Tyan unveils motherboard using Intel 810 AGPset - Uses Top-of-the-Line DC100 chipset version

Feb. 01, 1999

Tyan announces alliance with Mitac International - Alliance expected to significantly strengthen manufacturing and R&D capabilities


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Nov. 17, 1998

Tyan Computer Corporation named one of nation's fastest growing technology companies in Deloitte & Touche "Fast 500" Program - Company has five-year 1,422% revenue growth

Nov. 16, 1998

Tyan supports Intel®'s new Socket 370 Celeron™ Processor

Nov. 16, 1998

Tyan announces system management software to be bundled with server boards

Sep. 14, 1998

Tyan announces 450MHz Pentium® II, Micro-ATX motherboard for building sub-$1,000 PCs (S1894SLA)

Jun. 29, 1998

Tyan announces dual Slot2 motherboard.  New model offers workstation-class performance with two Intel® Pentium® II Xeon™ processors and numerous other high performance features

Jun. 23, 1998

New Tyan motherobards fly with 100MHz system bus support.  New models offer a high performance upgrade for Socket 7 CPUs, Pentium II upgrade with 440BX chipset for desktop systems, and 440EX chipset motherboard for building sub-$1,000 systems

May 26, 1998

Tyan's growth prompts move to larger facility - 19th fastest growing company in U.S. moves to Fremont

Apr. 28, 1998

Tyan compatible with ICP Vortex RAID / Disk Array controllers, Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL) and Thunder 2 ATX (S1696DLUA)

Apr. 15, 1998

Tyan releases new BX PC100 100MHz motherboards

Feb. 02, 1998

Tyan awarded ISP 9001 Certification


   1997 Press Releases  | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 20032002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997 |

Oct. 17, 1997

System board developer Tyan Computer named 19th fastest growing company in the nation by Inc. Magazine 10/17

Sep. 29, 1997

Intel helps cut support costs with PC Health Monitor Tool

Aug. 25, 1997

Tech Data to distribute Tyan system boards

Jul. 01, 1997

SED International to distribute Tyan system boards.  Leading OEM developer expands to reseller, VAR markets as quality system boards become critical for high speed CPUs

May 28, 1997

Tyan announces support for Intel's LANDesk™ Client Manager - Will bundle it with new Pentium II boards and future LX products

May 7, 1997

Tyan announces Intel Dual Pentium II motherboard family.  Only dual-processor motherboard tested and confirmed at 300MHz

Apr. 18, 1997

Tyan announces dual Pentium PRO I2O motherboard targeted to high performance server market

Mar. 03, 1997

Tyan announces high performance single processor motherboard with Intel's 430TX and full MMX support

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