AMD Opteron 64Tyan RoHS 5/6
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Supporting two (2) AMD Opteron™ 200 series processors with dual core support and a sleek 1U rackmount form factor, the Transport GT24 (B2881) offers everything needed to build your IT infrastructure. Up to four (4) internal drives are supported, and a 500W PFC power supply is built-in. Also included is a pre-installed PCI-X riser slot and support for TARO™ add-on cards for modular storage options, all in a depth of 25.4" (645mm). CD-ROM and FDD optional.

Transport GT24 B2881G24S4H
| GT24B2881G24S4-LC Front & Rear View / 3D View |
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Storage Backplane


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(4) hot-swap SATA drive bays




(4) internal SATA drive bays



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