Intel Xeon
Transport GX15 (B2723)   | Barebones Support Matrix |


Motherboard: S2723GNN


 • Supports up to two Intel® Xeon™ processors
    with 512KB L2 cache
 • Front Side Bus support for 533/400MHz

Chipset - Intel® E7501 server chipset

 • Supports up to 8GB of Registered ECC
     DDR266/200 SDRAM (low profile 1.3" tall)

 • Two 64-bit PCI-X (133/100/66MHz)
 • Two 32-bit PCI (33MHz);
 • 2 independent PCI(-X) & one PCI buses total

Storage - Dual-channel ATA-100

Integrated LAN
 • One Gigabit Ethernet port (Intel® 82545EM)
 • One 10/100 Fast Ethernet port (Intel® 82551QM)

I/O Ports
 • Stacked PS/2, keyboard, and mouse connectors
 • Stacked USB 1.1 (two) connectors
 • Side-by-side serial (one) and VGA (one) port
 • Side-by-side RJ-45 LAN (two) connectors


Hardware Monitoring
 • Winbond® W83782D, Winbond® W83627HF

 • ATX12V/EPS12V universal power connector

Form Factor - ATX (12" x 9.6")

Chassis: Aluminum


 • 1U Rackmount - 16.75" (W) x 14.5" (D) x 1.75" (H)
 • Box - 20.5" (W) x 23.25" (D) x 8.5" (H)

Weight - 15 lbs (net wt.); 20 lbs (gross wt.)

Peripherals - n/a

Riser Card - 1 supports one 64-bit 3.3V PCI slot

Power Supply - EPS 12V, 300W output

Rack Cabinet Mounting
 • Front mounting only, side rails are optional

Front Access I/O ports
 • PS/2 Mouse & KB, 2 USB, Video, Serial
    and 2 LAN ports

Cooling System
 • Three 4-cm exhaustive chassis fans included
 • Two passive copper-based Intel® Xeon™ CPU
    heatsinks included

External Drive Bay - n/a

Internal Drive Bay - 13.5" HDD

Expansion (OEM version only)
 • One 64-bit PCI/PCI-X 3.3V Riser card (
 • Supports a PCI/PCI-X add-on card

Server Management (option)
 • Optional TYAN SMDC (M3289) - IPMI 1.5 support
 • PXE and Console Redirection support 

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