M3290 SMDC - Server Management Daughter Card Manual
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Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
 • QLogic Zircon™ UL BMC
 • ARM7 technology core
Protocols and Standards
 • Tailored for IPMI 1.5 compliance
 • Remote Management and Control
     Protocol (RMCP) for IPMI-Over-LAN
 • Alert Standard Forum (ASF)
Primary Communication Interface
 • Keyboard Controller Style (KCS)
Auxiliary Communication Interface
 • Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB)
 • Emergency Management Port (EMP)
 • Local Area Network (LAN)
Auxiliary SMBus / I2C buses
 • 4 dedicated and independent buses available
     for user expansion
Sensor Monitoring
 • Voltage, Temperature, Tachometers
 • Fan Speed Control / PWM; Chassis Intrusion
Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
 • Chassis, motherboard, product, and other
     information stored and secured in FRU

Real Time Clock (RTC)
 • RTC kept in sync with system RTC for
     synchronized scheduling and logging

Form Factor
 • 4.6" x 2.4" (116.84mm x 60.96mm)
 • Low profile PCI form factor tailored to allow
    different mounting varieties
     - Fits on PCI slot; fits in 3.5" drive bay
     - Fits inside almost any chassis

* requires special mounting holes

User and Authentication
 • Support "Anonymous Login"
 • Support MD2 and MD5 algorithum
 • Support User Privilege configuration.


Control Command Set
 • Power Up / Power Down
 • System Reset / Power Cycle / NMI
Diagnostic Command Set
 • Power-Good Detection
 • CPU Voltage Identification (VID)
 • ACPI State Detection
 • Request Message Redirection through IPMB
Sensor Data Repository (SDR)
 • Detailed sensor information, including sensor
 • types and measuring units
System Event Log (SEL)
  • Complete history of system events, such as POST
 • events, are stored in non-volatile memory
Platform Event Filtering (PEF)
 • Configuring BMC, take selected action on event
Card Interface
 • Proprietary 50-pin interface
      (2x25 header, 2mm x 2mm)
Additional Features
 • Firmware-upgradeable through flash utility
 • Front Panel LED and Buzzer interface/control
Emergency Management Port
(EMP) Console

 • Serial port interface provides access
 • VT100 emulation capability
     - Event Log Viewer and Maintenance
     - FRU Viewer; SDR Viewer
     - Sensor Reading Viewer
     - BMC firmware/IPMI controller firmware info.
     - System Power On / Off; System/BMC Reset 

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