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Triumph i7230 (S6611)
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 • Single 775-pin socket supports Intel® processors:
      - 1066MHz FSB P4EE w/ 2M L2, 3.73GHz
      - 1066MHz FSB P4EE w/ 512K L2/2M L3,
          up to 3.46GHz
      - 800MHz FSB Pentium EE/Pentium D
          (dual core) w/ 2M L2, 3.2GHz
      - 800MHz FSB P4 6xx series w/ 2M L2, 3.8GHz
      - 800MHz FSB P4 5xx series w/ 1M L2, 3.8GHz
      - 533MHz FSB Celeron D w/ 1M L2,
          up to 3.06GHz

 • Intel® E7230 (Mukilteo) memory controller hub
 • Intel® ICH7 I/O controller hub
 • Intel® 6700PXH PCI/PCI-X controller hub

 • (4) 240-pin DDR2 sockets: up to 8GB unbuf. mem.
 • Supports DDR2 667/533 ECC/Non-ECC DIMM
 • Dual channel memory bus (must populate in pairs)
 • Supports standard SEC-DED w/ 72-bit ECC DIMM

Expansion Slots
 • (1) 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X slot (3.3V)
 • Supports up to 3 PCI-X devices with Riser Card
 • (1) Mini-PCI slot

Integrated LAN Controllers
 • (2) Intel® 82546 dual port GbE Controllers
 • (4) Intel® 82573 PCI-E Gigabit controllers
 • Configurable numbers of LAN connections, Max.
     8 ports supported (refer to available models)

LAN Bypass (optional)
 • Supports Bypass feature over 2 pairs of LAN ports
 • Bypass mode enabling: default when power down
     or to be enabled by watchdog when system failed

Networking Security (optional)
 • Onboard Cavium CN-1010X Security Macro
     Processor supports IPsec/SSL 

Integrated Graphics
 • ATi® ES1000 PCI graphics controller
 • 32MB DDR frame buffer of video memory

Integrated I/O
 • (1) 40-pin IDE connector or (1) 50-pin CF Type II
     connector (configurable); (4) SATA connectors
 • (1) pin header for USB ports
     (supports two USB 2.0 devices)
 • (1) shrouded header for serial port
 • (1) shrouded header for parallel port
 • (1) pin header for PS/2 mouse and keyboard
 • (1) pin header for VGA port

Back Panel I/O Ports
 • (1) serial port with D-Sub connector
 • (2) USB 2.0 ports w/ dual-stack USB connector
 • Up to eight LAN ports w/ RJ45 connector includes
     Transformer & LED; up to four LAN ports w/ SFP
     Fiber connectors (refer to available models)

System Management
 • Total of (5) 3-pin fan headers with control and
     tachometer monitoring
 • Monitors voltage for CPU, Memory & PS
 • Monitoring temperature for CPU & environment
 • Pin header for Fault LED, Power/Suspend LED &
     HDD activity LED
 • One pin header for Chassis Intrusion detection
 • Supports Serial Console Re-direction
 • Watch Dog Timer supported

 • Phoenix BIOS® on 8Mbit Flash ROM
 • Supports ACPI 2.0
 • Supports boot from USB device
 • Power-on mode control for AC power loss recovery

Form Factor
 • ATX form factor (12" x 10.5"; 305 mm x 265 mm)

 • PCI-X Riser Card with 1 PCI-X slot for 1U
 • PCI-X Riser Card with 3 PCI-X slot for 2U

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