Thunder 2500 (S1867) 

  Benefits and Applications

Tyan's Thunder 2500 is designed for high performance workstation / server applications requiring the processing power of Intel's Pentium III processor.  With two fully independent 64-bit PCI buses, the Thunder 2500 offers maximum flexibility and performance.   This systemboard also includes integrated audio, LAN, dual channel SCSI, AGP Pro, and supports up to 8 GB of SDRAM, making the Thunder 2500 ideal for workhorse solutions.

Item not available for retail distribution. Available for OEM purchase only.

  Thunder 2500 Models

Standard Model

SCSI Drivers

Alert on LAN

UPC Number




 6 35872 00474 2




 6 35872 00521 3

  Standard Features

  • Processor
    Dual Intel Slot1 [ CPU compatibility ]
    Supports Pentium III processor 350 to 933 MHz
    Dual Integrated
    VRM complies to spec 8.4
    Support for 100 / 133 MHz CPU bus speed
  • Chipset
    ServerWorks (RCC) Sever Set III HE
    Up to 4 drives; two 40-pin
    IDE connectors (primary / secondary)
  • System Memory
    Eight 168-pin DIMM sockets
    Supports maximum of 8GB PC133 REGISTERED DIMM ONLY
    ECC memory support via core logic
  • Expansion Slots
    One 2x / Pro AGP slot
    Four 64-bit/ 33MHz
    PCI slots
    Two 64-bit/ 66MHz 3.3V PCI slots
    Total seven usable slots
  • Integrated I/O
    SMC 37B787 Super I/O chip
    Two 9-pin 16550 UART Serial ports
    One 25-pin ECP / Epp Parallel port
    Floppy Controller
    PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
  • Integrated Audio
    Ensoniq 1373 PCI Sound
    Ensoniq AC'97 Codec
    Sound Blaster™ Compatible 16-bit Stereo
    Line-in, Line-out, MIC and Game / MIDI ports
    4-pin CD-ROM audio header
    4-pin Telephony header
    4-pin Video audio header
    Sound drivers for Win 2000 & NT
  • Integrated LAN
    Intel 82559 10/100Mb NIC
    3-pin Wake on
    LAN **
    Alert on LAN II support (optional)
  • Integrated SCSI
    Dual Channel Ultra2 or Ultra160 LVD SCSI
    Symbios 896 with Bus Mastering up to
    15 devices
    Channel A: One 68-pin connector
    Channel B: One 68-pin connector
    A dedicated PCI slot available to support low-cost, intelligent RAID controller,
    RAID 0, 1, and 5.
  • BIOS
    Phoenix BIOS on 2 Mb flash ROM
    Auto detection of memory size
    Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types
    Multiple boot options
    DMI 2.0 / PC 99 compliant
    No ACPI support
  • Form Factor
    Extended ATX footprint (12" x 13")
    Eight-Layer board
    Two 20-pin ATX power connector
    Stacked (2) Mouse / Keyboard ports
    Stacked (2) USB (support Win98 only) / RJ-45 with LED ports
    Stacked Line-In / Line-Out / Mic-In / MIDI ports
  • Regulatory
    FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
    European Community
    CE (Declaration of Conformity)

** 66MHz is supported when 66MHz PCI device is used and CPU has 133MHz FSB.
** Requires ATX 2.01 Compliant Power Supply

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