Thunder K7X (S2468) Datasheet Manual Jumpers Riser Card
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  Specifications [ AMD Recommended ]

 • Dual PGA462 ZIF sockets; two onboard VRMs
 • Supports up to two AMD Athlon MP processors
 • Front-Side Bus support for 266/200MHz

 • AMD-760 MPX chipset;
 • AMD-762 north bridge & AMD-768 south bridge
Winbond™ W83627HF Super I/O ASIC

 • Four 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets
 • 25° angled sockets enable rackmount installation
 • Supports up to 4GB
* of Registered DDR 200/266
 • Supports ECC (72-bit) memory modules

* Note: The AMD-760 MPX requires a portion of memory to be reserved for PCI devices. Allocation for these devices is dependent on the number of PCI devices installed, and option ROM for each device. Common configurations will see 3.5GB to 3.8GB of available memory.

Expansion Slots (total of six usable slots)
 • One AGP Pro slot; also supports 4x AGP
 • One 64-bit 66MHz (3.3-volt) PCI slot
 • One 64-bit 66MHz (5-volt) PCI slot
 • Three 32-bit 33MHz (5-Volt) PCI slots

Integrated I/O
 • One floppy connector supports up to two drives
 • Two 9-pin 16550-based serial ports
    (one heade and one connector)
 • One 25-pin SPP/ECP/EPP parallel header
 • Four USB ports (two stacked rear connectors
    and twofront panel headers)
 • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

Integrated Video
 • ATI® RAGE™ XL graphics controller
 • 4MB frame buffer (SDRAM)
 • Standard 15-pin analog VGA port

Integrated PCI IDE
 • Dual-channel master mode
 • Supports up to four enhanced IDE devices
 • Support for ATA-100/66/33 IDE and
    ATAPI compliant devices
System Management
 • 3-pin fan monitoring headers
 • Winbond™ W83782D hardware monitoring ASIC
 • CPU temperature and voltage monitoring
 • System Monitoring Software:

Integrated SCSI (optional)
 • Adaptec AIC-7899W controller
 • Dual-channel Ultra 160 SCSI support
 • 160MB/sec max. data throughput per channel
 • Support up to 15 LVD SCSI devices per channel
 • Channel A and Channel B - 68-pin connectors

Integrated LAN Controllers
  • Two 3Com 3C920 LAN Controllers with 3C980
    Server NIC Firmware
 • 10/100Mbps data transfer rate per controller

 • Phoenix BIOS on 4Mbit Flash ROM
 • User settings for hardware monitoring
 • Auto-configuration of IDE hard drive types
 • Multiple boot options; DMI 2.0 compliant

Form Factor
 • Extended ATX (13" x 12", 330.2mm x 304.8mm)
 • One 24-pin and one 8-pin ATX-GES connectors
 • Stacked parallel (1), serial (2) and VGA (1) ports
 • Side-by-side LAN (2) ports
 • Stacked keyboard and mouse ports

 • FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity) certified
 • European CE (Declaration of Conformity)

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