Tiger 133 (S1834) 

  Benefits and Applications

Tyan Tiger 133 is designed for basic workstation/server applications requiring the processor power of dual Intel Pentium II or Pentium III processors.  Seven usable expansion slots provide maximum flexibility and performance.  Utilizing the VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset with support for 133 MHz frontside bus, the Tiger 133 combines advanced system power managemnent capabilities with high performance speed.

  Product Skus

Standard Model

ISA Slot

UPC Number



 6 35872 00489 6



 6 35872 00520 6


  • Processor
    Dual Slot 1 supports Intel® P II/III processors
    CPU compatibility chart )
    133/100MHz FSB; 2 onboard VRMs v 8.4
    Auto-detect CPU Core Voltage
  • Chipset
    VIA Apollo Pro 133A
    (VT82C694X & VT82C596B)
    Winbond W83977ATF Super I/O chip
    Winbond W83782D System Monitor
  • Hardware Monitoring
    Hardware monitoring chip
    3-pin fan monitoring headers
    2-pin chassis intrusion header
    CPU Thermal and Voltage monitoring
    3-pin Wake on
    LAN header
    3-pin Wake on Ring header
  • Expansion Slots
    One 1X/2X/4X AGP v.2.0 slot
    Six 32-bit PCI v.2.2 Compliant slots
    One optional
    ISA slot (shared with one PCI slot)
    Total seven usable slots
  • Integrated PCI IDE
    Dual channel master mode
    Support four Enhanced
    IDE devices
    Support for PIO Mode 3, 4, UDMA/66 IDE and
    ATAPI compliant devices
  • Integrated I/O
    One floppy connector for up to 2 drives
    Two 9-pin 16550 UART Serial ports
    One 25-pin ECP/EPP Parallel port
    PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
    Two USB v.1.0 Port
  • BIOS
    Award BIOS 2Mbit Flash RAM
    Supports APM &
    Auto detection of memory size
    Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types
    User settings of hardware monitoring
    Multiple boot options
    DIM2.0 / PC99 compliant
  • Voltage and Power
    One 20-pin ATX power connector
    Input Voltage - 90V to 130V at 60Hz
    Output Wattage - 235W
    Output Voltage - 3.3V, +/-5V, +/-12V
    Backup Battery
    -  3.0-V to 3.6-V Cr2032 lithium
    -  Magnesium-oxide coin cell
  • Form Factor
    ATX 2.01 (12" x 9.5")
    Stacked Mouse/Keyboard Ports
    Stacked two USB Ports
    Stacked two Serial & one Parallel Ports
    Type "V" I/O Shield (Intel Venus Compatible)
  • Regulatory
    FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
    CE (Declaration of Conformity)

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