Tiger 230 (S2507D)
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  Benefits and Applications

Tiger 230 is the perfect choice for those building entry-level servers or  workstations on a budget.  Its dual-processor design and high memory bandwidth capabilities provide power-users with a capable platform for the latest e-centric applications.  The Tiger 230 also features plenty of PCI expansion slots for adding high-performance networking and storage adapters.  In addition, the Tiger 230 features dual USB ports for connecting the latest external peripherals, four DIMM sockets for maximum memory expansion, and a 4x AGP slot for adding high-performance 2D/3D graphics capabilities.

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  • Processor
    Dual PGA370 ZIF sockets
    Supports up to two Intel Pentium III processors (FC-PGA); two onboard
    VRMs (VRM 8.4 spec)
    Front-Side Bus supports 100MHz and 133MHz
  • Chipset
    VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset
    (VT82C694X & VT82C686B)
  • System Memory *
    Four 168-pin 3.3V DIMM sockets
    Supports PC100 up to 2GB (8 banks/4 DIMMs)
    Supports PC133 up to 1.5GB (6 banks/3 DIMMs)
    Supports SDRAM and VCM SDRAM memory types

    * Maximum of three DIMMs supported when using PC133 memory.
  • Hardware Monitoring
    VIA VT82C686 hardware monitoring chip
    3-pin fan monitoring headers
    2-pin chassis intrusion header
    Temperature and voltage monitoring
    3-pin Wake on Modem (WoM) header
  • Expansion Slots
    One AGP slot supports 2x/4x modes
    Five 32-bit 33MHz (5-volt) PCI slots
    (v2.2 compliant); total of six usable slots
  • Integrated PCI IDE
    Dual-channel master mode
    Supports up to four Enhance IDE devices
    Support for DMA 100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI compliant devices
  • Integrated I/O
    One floppy connector supports up to two drives
    Two 9-pin 16550-based serial ports
    (one port via cable)
    One 25-pin SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port
    Four USB ports (two ports via optional cable)
    PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
  • BIOS
    Award BIOS 2Mbit Flash ROM
    User settings for hardware monitoring
    Auto-configuration of IDE hard drive types
    Multiple boot options; DMI 2.0 compliant
  • Form Factor
    ATX footprint  (12" x 9.6")
    One 20-pin ATX power connector
    Stacked keyboard and mouse ports
    Stacked USB ports (two)
    Stacked parallel (one) and serial (two) ports
  • Regulatory
    FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
    European CE (Declaration of Conformity)

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