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Tiger i7501X (S3022) Datasheet Manual Jumpers Riser Card
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  Benefits and Applications
Based on Intel's E7501 chipset, the Tiger i7501X S3022 is Hyper-Threading ready - utilizing onboard resources so that a second thread of data can be processed in a single processor. Compatible with both ATX12V and EPS12V power supplies, this platform offers convenient remote Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) monitoring through a Server Management Daughter Card.  The Tiger i7501X also features an ATX form factor(10.25" x 12"), Gigabit Ethernet port, Fast Ethernet port, an onboard ATI 8MB PCI RAGE XL VGA, and an onboard Dual channels (Ultra320) LSI SCSI, Supports Zero-channel RAID(LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-0 ZCR), which provides an advanced and versatile solution for your server needs.

Tiger i7501X (S3022)
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Standard Model

Ultra 320 SCSI

Integrated Video

10/100 + GbE LAN

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