Titan Pro AT (S1662) 
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  Benefits and Applications

Tyan Titan Pro AT is a quality, high performance single/dual processor system platform based on the powerful Intel Pentium Pro microprocessors. This mainboard is designed around the latest and fastest Intel 440FX chipset and can support CPU speeds of 150 MHz through 200 MHz.

The Titan Pro AT supports EDO memory, Burst EDO, ECC and memory parity checking.The board's PCI Local Bus provides high performance capabilities that are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications such as: CAD, CAM, CAE, networking, multi-user environments, database management, desktop publishing, image processing and 3D animation.

This integrated system board achieves the highest reliability and is based on a "Baby AT" form factor. Some of the features included are: on-board dual channel PCI IDE, on-board floppy controller, on-board high speed I/O, Universal Serial Bus and on-board PS/2 mouse connector.

Flexibility and expandibility have been designed into the Titan Pro AT. With I/O and drive controller support built on-board, the five PCI and three ISA (One ISA and one PCI as a shared slot) slots are free for add-on expansion cards. With eight SIMM sockets, the Titan Pro AT can provide a very flexible memory configuration of 8MB to 1024MB of RAM. With the board's support for dual Pentium Pro processors, you can start a system with just one CPU, and later add another, when more processing power is required.


  • Processor
    Dual or Single Pentium Pro 150-200 MHz
    Twin #8 ZIF Sockets
    Twin VRM Sockets
    Processor speeds:
    CPU compatibility chart
  • Chipset
    Intel 440FX (NATOMA)
    Second Generation PPro Chipset
  • System Memory
    Eight 72-pin SIMM Sockets
    Fast Page Mode or EDO Dram Support
    Burst EDO / FPM w/Parity / ECC Support
    3.3v and 5.0v DRAM Support
  • Expansion Slots
    Five 32-bit PCI Bus Mastering Slots
    Three 16-bit ISA Slots
    One Shared PCI/ISA Slot - 7 usable
  • Disk Drive & System I/O
    Two PCI Bus-Master enhanced IDE Ports
    4 HDD + EIDE CD-ROM Support
    Bus-Mastering DMA Mode 2
    PIO Mode 3 & 4
    Two Floppy Drive Support
    Two 16C550 High Speed Serial Ports
    One ECP/EPP High Speed Parallel Port
    2 USB Ports
    One IR Port
    PS/2 Mouse port using IRQ 12
  • BIOS
    Award or AMI BIOS
    Green PC Compatible
    Microsoft Plug and Play Ready

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