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Tomcat i845GV (S3098) Datasheet Manual
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 • Single ZIF PGA478 ZIF socket
 • Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 and CeleronD,
     Intel® P4 "Northwood" and "Prescott" processor
 • Front-Side Bus support for 400/533 MHz

Intel® 845GV chipset
 • Intel ICH4
 • ITE IT8712F LPC I/O chip

 • Single memory channel
 • Supports up to two DDR333/266 DIMM
 • Supports up to 2GB of unbuf. non-ECC memory

Expansion Slots
 • Two 33MHz 32-bit (5-volt) PCI 2.3 slots
 • Total of two usable slots

Back Panel I/O Ports
 • One floppy connector supports up to two drive
 • One 9-pin UART serial port
 • One 15-pin VGA port
 • One 25-pin ECP/EPP/SPP parallel port (G2N)
 • Two RJ45 10/100 Base-T port
 • Stacked four USB 2.0 ports
 • Stacked PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

Integrated PCI IDE
Dual-channel master mode
 • Supports up to four IDE devices
 • Support for ATA-100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI
     compliant devices

Integrated LAN Controllers
 • Two
Intel 82551QM 10/100 Base-T LAN
     controllers (G2N version only)
 • Two Intel 82541 10/100/1000 Base-T LAN
     controllers (G2N-G version only)
 • Two Intel 82551QM 10/100 Base-T LAN
     controllers (G2N-RS version only)
 • Operating at 32bit/33MHz PCI bus

System Management
 • Three 3-pin fan headers and CPU fan with
     tachometer for auto fan speed control
 • Temperature and voltage monitoring
 • 3-pin Wake-on-Ring (WoR) header
 • 3-pin Wake-on-LAN (WoL) header

Integrated Video
 • Intel Extreme Graphics Core
 • Optimized 256-bit BLT engine
 • Up to 2.1GB/sec. data access in UMA conf
 • Analog monitor up to 2048x1536 at 60Hz

Integrated I/O Interfaces
 • One floppy connector for up to two drives
 • Two IDE connectors for up to four IDE devices
 • One USB 2.0 ports (via optional cable)
 • One serial port pin header for Com2
 • Headers for LAN LED/I2C/Chassis intrusion
 • Headers for CPU/power supply/chassis fans
 • Tyan 2 x 9 front panel connector

 • Award BIOS on 4Mbit Flash ROM
 • Supports APM 1.2 & ACPI 1.0
 • Auto detection of memory size
 • Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types
 • User settings of hardware monitorning
 • Multiple boot options

 • On board 3-phase VRM
 • ATX12V (20-pin + 4-pin) power connectors

Form Factor
 • Flex ATX footprint (9.0"x7.5"; 228.6x190.5mm)

 • FCC Class B (Declaration of Conformity)
 • European Community CE  

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