Trinity 371 (S1857) 
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  Benefits and Applications

Designed for high performance Desktop PC systems, Tyan Trinity 371 boasts a high level of system board flexibility by offering both Slot 1 and PPGA-370 processor support.  With on-board PCI audio option and six PCI slots, the Trinity 371 is an ideal platform for any system requiring high expandability and upgradeability.

***Note: This board conforms to the new PCI 2.2 spec. This requires 3.3v standby for all PCI slots, DIMM banks, and PS/2 outputs (KB/PS/2 Mouse). Always remember to unplug the AC power cord before adding any PCI cards, memory, or plugging or unplugging keyboard or mouse. Otherwise the motherboard may automatically power up when adding the component.

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 6 35872 00481 0



 Creative ES1373

 6 35872 00508 4


  • Processor
    Single Slot 1 and Socket 370
    Supports processor built-in 128/512K+ Cache
    FSB support for 66 / 100 MHz
    Integrated VRM complies to spec 8.4
    Supports Clock multiplier 3.0 to 8.0
    Auto detect CPU Core Voltage
    Processor speeds:
    CPU compatibility chart
  • Chipset
    Intel 440BX (100 MHz AGP set)
    Winbond W83977F Super I/O controller
  • System Memory
    Supports 32 to 768MB
    Three 3.3V unbuffered 168-pin
    DIMM Sockets
    PC100 compliant
    SDRAM support
    ECC (72-bit) type memory module
  • Expansion Slots Total 7 usable slots
    Five 32-bit PCI 2.1 Bus Mastering Slots
    PCI / ISA Slot; One 2x AGP 2.0 Slot
    All slots support full length add-on cards
  • Integrated PCI IDE
    Two 40-pin IDE connectors for up to 4 drives.
    PIO Mode 3/4, UltraDMA 33 supported
    ATAPI IDE CD-ROM and LS-120 supported
  • Other Features
    3-pin Wake on LAN header *
    3-pin Wake on Ring header *
    Two 3-pin Fan speed monitoring headers
    2-pin Chassis Intrusion header
    * Requires ATX 2.01 Compliant Power Supply
  • Integrated Audio (optional)
    Creative Labs ES1373 PCI chip
    AC97 codec rev 2.1; One MIDI / Game port
    Line in, MIC-in and Line-out ports
    4-pin CD-ROM audio (ATAPI) header
    4-pin Telephony (ATAPI) header
  • Disk Drive & System I/O
    One Floppy connector for up to 2 drives (1.44MB, 2.88MB, 3-mode)
    Two 9-pin 16550 UART Serial ports
    One 25-pin ECP/EPP Parallel port
    One IrDA TX / RX header
    Two USB rev. 1.2 ports
    PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Ports
  • BIOS
    AMI BIOS on 2MB flash EEPROM
    Plug and Play
    APM 1.2 /
    ACPI 1.0 / PC99 compliant
    IDE drive auto configure; soft power-down
    Multiple boot options; DMI 2.0 compliant
    Hardware monitoring of CPU voltage, temperature and Fan status (optional)
  • Form Factor
    ATX Design (8.3" x 12.0"); 4-layer board
    20-pin ATX Power Connectors
    Stacked ATX I/O Connectors
    Type "C" I/O Shield (Intel Caymen Compatible)
  • Regulatory
    FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
    CE (Declaration of Conformity)

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