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TYAN COMPUTER CORPORATION warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to three years (36 months) starting from the date of original purchase from TYAN. If the product is received within the warranty period and if the product is found by TYAN to be defective within the terms of this warranty TYAN will repair or replace the defective product at our option and cost.

This warranty does not apply to any failure or defect caused by misuse, accidental damage, abnormal or unusually heavy use, neglect, abuse, alteration, improper installation, unauthorized repair or modification, improper testing, or causes external to the product such as, but not limited to, excessive heat or humidity, power failure, power surges, or natural disaster. TYAN makes no warranty with respect to expendable components, any software supplied by TYAN, any experimental or developmental products, compatibility with other hardware and software products introduced after the time of purchase, or products or accessories not manufactured by TYAN; all of which components, software and products are provided as-is.

In the event that a product needs to be returned to TYAN for service, the customer must obtain a Return Materials Authorization number from TYAN in advance, and that number must be clearly printed on the outside of the box. TYAN will not accept any shipment without an RMA number.

In no event will TYAN COMPUTER be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage, loss of use, loss of data, or other malady arising from the purchase or use of TYAN products.

* TYAN's three (3) year warranty policy does not include products intended for OEM/ODM distribution or products sold via surplus/auction dealers. Only products found on www.tyan.com are intended for retail distribution and are covered by our standard warranty policy.

Cross Shipment Policy
In the event that a cross shipment is required for any reason, Tech Support can consider the request for cross ship and initiate the procedure (pending approval).  Please note that Tech Support must be contacted directly in order to obtain this service.  No other department can support you in regards to a cross shipment.  This Cross Shipment policy is only applicable for N. America, Latin America and South American countries.

In an attempt to help you, Tech Support will ask you to do many things to insure that the motherboard is truly the source of your issue.  Simply calling and asking for a cross ship without following our instructions or suggestions will lead to the cross ship request being denied.  If after all these suggestions are completed and the motherboard is still found to be the root cause of the problem then we can move forward with the cross ship procedure.

If you wish to proceed with cross shipping, please read the following information below:

  • Only dual CPU, server-class motherboards and barebones servers are included under the cross shipment policy.  There are NO exceptions to this rule
  • The customer will be charged a flat fee of $40 as the standard RMA Cross Ship fee if in the continental United States.  The customer will be charged a flat fee of $60 as the standard RMA Cross Ship fee if located in Canada.
  • All Cross Shipping will be handled by FedEx and it will be sent over night.
  • Customers will be charged to their credit cards the $40 or $60 fee (dependant on ship to location) + the cost of the motherboard that is being shipped.   Additional charges might be incurred if living in Puerto Rico or Hawaii.
  • The customer must return their product within ten (10) working days, or else the total amount of the motherboard being cross shipped will not be credited back to the same card.
  • Costs associated with Cross Shipment can only be done with Mastercard or VISA.  Tyan will not take checks, Money Orders or American Express for this service.

* Cross shipments are dependent on availability of the product at time of the cross ship request.  If Tyan does not have the product in stock, the cross ship request will not be processed and/or authorized.

* Cross shipments are dependent upon the motherboard being covered under warranty (see the Warranty section for details on Tyan's warranty policy).  A faxed copy of the original invoice/sales receipt must be provided to Tyan for verification, prior to the cross shipment being authorized. If a copy of the original invoice/sales receipt is not made available to Tyan, then a cross shipment will not be authorized.

Out of Warranty RMA Request
If you have lost the receipt to your product, your warranty has expired, or purchased the product from third party vendors or auction sites, you product falls under the Out of Warranty RMA category.  If you wish to have such a product repaired by Tyan, please read the information below.

  • Tyan will charge a flat fee of $75 to fix basic functionality or cosmetic problems with the motherboard, which includes services for repair, replaced/fixed parts, and shipping back to the customer.
  • Each motherboard will be determined on a case by case basis by the RMA department if it is capable of being fixed.  If it is not, Tyan will keep a $25 service charge and allow a $50 credit to the customer with the return of the motherboard.
  • Typical problems Tyan RMA will fix: broken sockets, broken DIMM slots, broken PCI slots, broken IDE connectors, broken solder joints on PS/2 ports, and so on.

Freight/Handling - Shipping charges incurred to send RMAs back to TYAN shall be paid by the customer. TYAN will pay for shipping charges incurred when shipping repaired products back to the customer.

If you have purchased your TYAN product from the
US, please contact TYAN Tech Support at (510) 440-8808.

If you have purchased your TYAN product from
Europe, please download the RMA form in German language. For English language form for purchases from Europe , download the RMA form in English language.

If you have purchased your TYAN product from
APAC, please contact your local APAC rep. Contact information is here. For English language press here.

All TYAN systemboards include a label, with printed serial number, attached to either 1) the side of one of the expansion slots or 2) on the PCB ( please see illustration below ). If your systemboard does not include this serial number, TYAN's standard warranty does not apply.

All TYAN systemboards include a manufacturer's limited warranty. To determine warranty coverage for your systemboard, please read the following information regarding TYAN serial numbers.

TNxxxxxxxxxx TYAN products featuring a "TN" prefix in the serial number include a 90-day warranty.

TUxxxxxxxxxx The following TYAN products with a " TU" prefix in the serial
number have no warranty:

Serial Number Location 1

Serial Number Location 2

S2054AGF (i810)
S1854A / S1846SLA
S1837DLUAN-BX (S1837UNB)
S1837UAN-BX (S1837UAN-B)
S1680S FX(AT)

S2495 and other models with "TU" serial number (with exception of those products listed above) have a warranty.

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