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 Server Platforms
TYAN's TRANSPORT and TANK server solutions have rich features and a broad range of capabilities to meet the demands of today's server applications. Designed for high-performance and the utmost levels of reliability, TRANSPORT and TANK barebones servers and server chassis enclosures provide OEMs, VARs, and S/Is with simplified, cost-effective components and solutions for building everything from single servers to entire server infrastructures.

  System Boards
TYAN system boards provide the ultimate Internet platform for today's desktop PCs, workstations and servers. From cost-effective all-in-one value solutions to multi-processor server products with integrated networking and storage connectivity, TYAN system boards offer cutting-edge performance, maximum expandability and high reliability. Our award-winning line features the Thunder, Tiger, Trinity and Tomcat families; each designed with rich feature sets and the latest in processor and chipset technology.

    Thunder Family - high-end server and workstation platforms
    Tiger Family - cost-effective multi-processor platforms
    Trinity Family - high-performance desktop platforms
    Tomcat Family - highly integrated value desktop platforms

  Cluster Servers
Supercomputing comes down to the desk-side! TYAN Personal Super Computer (TyanPSC) solutions provide performance processing for science, research, and development applications without the noise overhead and massive size of full-scale clusters and supercomputers. The TyanPSC product line is designed to deliver power as well as convenience, offering the promise of supercomputing power at a fraction of the cost!

 Network Appliances
Tyan's network security product line, Triumph, can be customized to fit a wide range of product requirements, enabling customers to develop and market their own security solutions with a minimum of effort.

These highly-integrated embedded platforms offer high-integrity Firewall, VPN, IPS and IDS features to meet the requirements from the entry to high-end. Tyan's Triumph network security product specifications cover a full-range of solutions from single security processor, to 10/100 LAN, up to multiple gigabit ethernet configurations, all designed to answer customer needs from the emerging network security industry.

With these kinds of capabilities, customers are offered the power to provide any level of depth required in their own products, further evidence of Tyan's ongoing promise to enable customers to become technology leaders in their industries - now including security and protection technology markets.

Providing further levels of scalability and flexibility to TYAN's growing line of system boards and barebones servers, the TARO SO-DIMM add-on cards deliver storage options for any level of system integration required. Using controllers from well-known manufacturers such as Adaptec®, the TARO line delivers configurations ranging from 2-port up to 8-port, and also includes built-in RAID support and optional boot-from-controller features, all for a completely cost-effective storage add-on solution.

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