Motherboard Installation Guide (continued)

3. Install the CPU
Please link to one of the following for CPU Installation instructions:

4. Connect Drives
The colored stripe on a ribbon cable should face toward the battery on the motherboard.  In the figure below, you can see how IDE cables should look when they are connected to the hard drive.  Notice how Pin1 (denoted by a red stripe) is connected so that it is next to the power connector of the drive.


5. Connect Floppy Drives
The colored (red) stripe down the side of the floppy cable usually denotes Pin1.  (see figure below).  Most of the current floppy drives require that the colored striped be positioned so that it is right next to the drive´s power connector.  In most cases, there will be a key pin on the cable to force you to connect the cable properly.

Drive A: is usually attached to the end of the cable with the twist in it.  Drive B: is usually connected to the middle of the cable.


6. Connect the Power Supply

a.  If you have an ATX motherboard, Tyan recommends using an ATX power supply that conforms to industry standard revision 2.01.  The left figure below shows an ATX power connector.  When plugging in the power connector, make sure the plastic clip of the connector is aligned with the plastic tab of the onboard connector (see right figure below).

ATX Connector2ATX Connector 

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