Motherboard Installation Guide (continued)

8. Connect PS/2, USB, Serial and Parallel Devices (continued)

b. If you have an AT form factor motherboard, you need to refer to your motherboard manual for details on how to connect your port cables to the correct port headers on the motherboard.

Like the IDE and floppy cables, the colored or RED edge of the cable always denotes pin1 (see figure below).  Similarly, pin1 on the motherboard is always pointing towards the keyboard or edge of the board.  Tyan cables conform to the IBM standard pinouts and will differ from most other manufacturers.  Other cables will not work on Tyan boards.  Consult your manual for more information.


The figure below the Printer and Com1 ports that are on the same back plate.  You want to make sure that you correctly align the connectors with the pins on the board because they are easy to miss.  On most Tyan cables, there should be a pin missing.  This is normal because it lines up with a key pin on the I/O connectors.  This forces you to align the connector in the correct direction.


The printer port and com2 are easily confused.  The printer cable is always attached with com port1 (figure above) whereas com2 is supplied separately on a second back plate (see figure below).  One final note:  Use only Tyan approved connectors.  If you are using an existing case with old cables, your system may not function properly.


You Are Done!
Installing a new motherboard may seem difficult, but by following these directions, you should have a fairly uneventful time installing our products.  If you do encounter problems, your dealer will be able to assist you.  In addition, you can consult one of our many
technical support resources or check out the troubleshooting guide.

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