Trinity 100 AT (S1590S) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions

**NOTE: If you get the following message when flashing the S1590 BIOS: "The programs file's part number does not match with your system.  Are you sure to program Y\N?"  It is OK to continue with the BIOS programming by agreeing.

Caution:  Before you Flash the AWARD BIOS, you need to familiarize yourself with the proper procedures - see below.

Procedure for flashing the V1.12b or V1.14 BIOS over the V0.09b BIOS on the S1590 board:

  1. Down load the BIOS file V90AW112.ZIP (or S90AW114.ZIP) and the flash utility flashv73   from web site.
  2. Unzip the Zip file and save the awdflash.exe +  v90aw112.bin (or s90aw114.bin) files into a clean diskette.
  3. Shut down the system.
  4. Turn the system back on.  During Boot-up, press the <<Del>> key to access the CMOS setup.
  5. Load the Setup Defaults in the CMOS setup, then Exit & Save the changes.
  6. Boot to DOS prompt without loading any drivers.
  7. Put the diskette into the floppy drive, and change the DOS prompt to floppy drive A:
  8. Type "AWDFLASH V90AW112.BIN" followed by the <<Enter>> key.
  9. Then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the BIOS update.






TYAN TRINITY 100 AT  V1.16c  092399
New Features & Fixes :
Added support for large drives up to 36GB



TYAN TRINITY AT 100 V1.16  031999
New Features & Fixes :
New support for AMD K6-3 processor.  New Atapi ZIP drive support.  Fixed APM non-disable problem.
** Please see the special note.



TYAN TRINITY AT 100 V1.14 102098
New Features & Fixes :
New support for AMD K6-2/380MHz & 400 MHz CPU



TYAN TRINITY AT100  V1.12b 082098
New Features & Fixes :
Better support for AMD K6-2 300/350MHz CPU & Cyrix M2 333MHz CPU

Get the latest flash utilities here: Flash Utility

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