Trinity 400 - S1854 (or S1854-A) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions

NOTE:  You must use the "flashv73" BIOS flash utility.  When flashing your  BIOS please use the command below :

flashv73 <name of .bin file> /py/sn/f/cc/r

py = program yes
sn = save no
f = flash
cc = clear cmos
r = reboot

All switches are necessary when flashing the BIOS






TYAN  S1854    Trinity 400  Rev.  1.07
Changes in this BIOS :
Added new flipchip Celeron, support up to 1GHz PIII.  Added USB KB/Mouse legacy suppport.  Open optional on board sound support.



TYAN  S1854    Trinity 400  Rev.  1.06
This BIOS is reserved for S1854 boards not shipped with BIOS Rev. 1.06  After BIOS flash upgrade, change the "AGP Driving Value" option in the "Chipset Feature Setup" to CC.
Changes in this BIOS :
Updated Microcode for new processors.  Fixes IDE ZIP and SCSI/DVD drive boot problems.



TYAN  S1854    Trinity 400  Rev.  1.00
This is the first release BIOS for S1854.  Included in this BIOS: New BIOS core, WOL support, Power-fail Recovery support, etc.  Do not flash this bios if you have the S1854A (with onboard audio).

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