Tomahawk BX (S1856S) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions






TYAN  TOMAHAWK    V2.00.02  021420011830
New features and Fixes :
Add new flash part support.



TYAN  TOMAHAWK    V1.18.01  0827991100
New features and Fixes :
ACPI support update, Microcode update up to 533MHz CPU support. **



For S1856S with
BX chipsets ONLY!!!

TYAN TOMAHAWK BX V1.16 0127991515
New features and Fixes :
First release AMI BIOS with Support of full Y2K, IR, WOL, and HW monitoring.

Get the latest flash utilities here: Flash Utility

** Note:

  1. After flashing  the BIOS, please check the BIOS date/time, and make sure the date/time is setting correctly.
  2. After over clock the CPU always do a power off to make sure the latest change will be effective.
  3. Because other configuration factors, 133MHz support on the system is not guaranteed. And because the clock chip is different, the old board will lose performance if use this V1.18 BIOS and over clocking. So user is under own risk when use the over clock feature.

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