Trinity 371 (S1857S) BIOS (Via Chipset)

  Current BIOS Revisions

NOTE:  You must use the "flashv73" BIOS flash utility.  When flashing your  BIOS please use the command below :

flashv73 <name of .bin file> /py/sn/f/cc/r

py = program yes
sn = save no
f = flash
cc = clear cmos
r = reboot

All switches are necessary when flashing the BIOS






For S1857 with
VIA chipsets ONLY!!!

TYAN  TRINITY 371  V1.08.01  090399
This is the first release BIOS for S1857 VIA chipset board. This BIOS support both 133MHz CPU BUS speed and ATA66 drive.

The ACPI function not fully tested, and HW monitor not implemented.

Get the latest flash utilities here: Flash Utility

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