Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions

For new BIOS versions (v1.06a or above)


Boot Disk - Refers to either a Windows 95 or Windows 98 boot disk. Any other type of boot disk might load memory resident programs which will interfer with the flash process. Make sure you hit the F5 key when the boot disk first starts running to make sure no other programs are loaded in the back ground without your knowledge.

Bios Flash Package -  Unzip the entire bios package to a seperate clean floppy.  Insure there are 3 files that are unpacked during the unzip process


Two separate diskettes are needed. The first diskette is the Windows 95/98 Boot Disk. The second diskette should contain the 3 files needed to flash the bios.  These files are provided when you unzip the bios flash package from the website.


At the A: prompt simply type in "
flash" and the rest will be handled by the files included in your download.

For previous BIOS versions (below v1.06a)

You must use the "awdflash" BIOS flash utility.  When flashing your  BIOS please use the command below :

awdflash <name of .bin file> /py/sn/f/cc/r

py = program yes
sn = save no
f = flash
cc = clear cmos
r = reboot

All switches are necessary when flashing the BIOS





TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.10
New features and Fixes :
* Fixes Promise/SCSI boot order issue 



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.09
New features and Fixes :
* Promise PDC20276 Option Rom upgrade from
* to
* Fix up system booting lock up in POST issue
* while USB-serial and USB-HDD are both exist at
* same controller/function.
* Fixed up that while USB card reader does not
* have any media inserted, BIOS lock up at
* POST 52h issue.
* To support PCI Slots' IRQ Selectable Function
* To support APIC selection menu item in BIOS
* Feature Page in BIOS SETUP.
* To fix ICP Vortex RAID select to boot before
* IDE HDD issue



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.07  013003
New features and Fixes :
To fix up slave CD-ROM cannot be detected issue.
To fix up ECC menuitem always read-only (no ECC func) issue even the ECC DDR is plugged in.



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.06A  112902
New features and Fixes :
Microcode and Hyperthreading update for 3.06ghz CPU. Fix 'No PXE remote boot' for 82562 LAN. Fix intermittent 'Floppy seek error'. Remove S3 support in BIOS. Fix BIOS typo under Advanced Chipset features for DDR266



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.05  101502
New features and Fixes :
Microcode update



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.04  090202
New features and Fixes :
1. Remove APIC mode option in setup.
2. Fix CPU temperature beep warning issue.
3. Remove shutdown temperature option in setup.



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.02  062802
New features and Fixes :
Add support for COM2 / IR.



TYAN  Trinity i845E (S2099)  V1.01  061402
New features and Fixes :
Update LAN Oprom, add Boot Order option, fix some new CPU display error.



TYAN TRINITY i845E (S2099)  V1.00  052402
This is the first BIOS release for Trinity i845E.

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