Tiger LE (S2515) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions

For new BIOS versions (v1.06 or above)


Boot Disk - Refers to either a Windows 95 or Windows 98 boot disk. Any other type of boot disk might load memory resident programs which will interfer with the flash process. Make sure you hit the F5 key when the boot disk first starts running to make sure no other programs are loaded in the back ground without your knowledge.

Bios Flash Package -  Unzip the entire bios package to a seperate clean floppy.  Insure there are 3 files that are unpacked during the unzip process


Two separate diskettes are needed. The first diskette is the Windows 95/98 Boot Disk. The second diskette should contain the 3 files needed to flash the bios.  These files are provided when you unzip the bios flash package from the website.


At the A: prompt simply type in "
flash" and the rest will be handled by the files included in your download.

For previous BIOS versions (below v1.06)

Important Note:

If your BIOS chip has part number
SST 28SF040A - image DO NOT flash the chip with BIOS versions below V.1.04; otherwise, this would render your system inoperable.


Option 1:

  1. Copy the AMIFLASH.COM utility inside the amiflash.zip file and the 2515 BIOS files together in to a diskette.
  2. Boot the system under DOS, do not load the driver.
  3. Put in the diskette, and go to A: drive prompt.
  4. Type amiflash, then press <<Enter>>.
  5. Type "Y" or "N", according to whether or not you want to save the old BIOS.
  6. Type the BIOSFILE name to be flashed.
  7. Type "Y" to flash the boot block.
  8. Wait till the BIOSFILE is loaded, then type "Y" to start the actual flash.
  9. Press any key as directed to restart the system with new BIOS.

Option 2:

    Add switch /c (clear CMOS) and switch /b (update boot block) when update to this BIOS: AMIFLASH 2510V104.ROM* /c /b
    If you do not use the switch /c, you will be forced to clear CMOS.






TYAN Tiger LE V.1.06  0613011930
New Features and Fixes :
Add CPU ID 68A microcode, add Power Fail recovery support, and add Console support to COM2.

Note: If you do not wish to use "go.bat" file, you MUST use the switches /b/c. If neither methods is used, BIOS will not work properly.

Note: If you are upgrading to BIOS v1.06, then download the 2515v106.exe and extract it to a clean, formatted floppy diskette.  Boot for a Windows 9x floppy and once boot-up is completed, put the diskette with the BIOS ROM file into your floppy drive and type "GO".  This will start the flash process for you.  From there, follow the onscreen prompts.



TYAN Tiger LE V.1.05
New Features and Fixes :
Add new flash part support



TYAN Tiger LE V.1.04a
New Features and Fixes :
Separate S2515 BIOS from S2510 BIOS.


(this BIOS works on both S2515 and S2510)

TYAN Tiger LE V.1.04
New Features and Fixes :
Modify Console redirect and PXE support, add support for non-BBS compliance SCSI/Raid card, and add new flash part support.


2510v103.exe *
(this BIOS works on both S2515 and S2510)

TYAN Tiger LE V.1.03
New Features and Fixes :
Update PXE to build 082, add TYAN 2U riser card support, and improve memory support.



Get the latest flash utilities here: Flash Utility

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