Thunder K8WE (S2895) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions


Boot Disk - Refers to either a Windows 95 or Windows 98 boot disk. Any other type of boot disk might load memory resident programs which will interfer with the flash process. Make sure you hit the F5 key when the boot disk first starts running to make sure no other programs are loaded in the back ground without your knowledge.

Bios Flash Package -  Unzip the entire bios package to a seperate clean floppy.  Insure there are 3 files that are unpacked during the unzip process


Two separate diskettes are needed. The first diskette is the Windows 95/98 Boot Disk. The second diskette should contain the 3 files needed to flash the bios.  These files are provided when you unzip the bios flash package from the website.


At the A: prompt simply type in "
flash" and the rest will be handled by the files included in your download.






TYAN  Thunder K8WE (S2895) V1.04
New features and Fixes :
* fixed "Linux OS Level_triggered_interrupt and
   edge_triggered_interrupt" issue
* Fixed a problem with a serial port mouse not working properly
* Fixed an issue where a Marvell NIC wouldn't function properly
* Nvidia Geforce 7950 Gx2 PCIE VGA on S2895 can not boot up
* Fixed a CPU voltage issue for the 285 CPU
* Fixed a Redhat4 Update2 issue where it could not find a
   LSI dirver properly during installation
* Reduce ATAPI device time out value for QSI DVD-ROM,
   so it does not generate an interrupt without media
* Added support for 275 HE CPU
* Adjust the LSI APIC interrupt in MPTABLE



TYAN  Thunder K8WE (S2895) V1.03
New features and Fixes :
* Updated nVidia PXE version (
* Updated AMD PowerNOW! support
* Fixed and issue with the LSI SCSI Option ROM not working
   correctly when enabled or disabled from the bios
* Relate Sys Fan1 and Fan4 with Auto Fan control settings, Auto
   will run 50% output, Full will be 100% and Quiet 0%
* Fixex an issue where Video does not come back on from an
   S1 state
* Updated CPU temp reporting for greater accuracy
* Update the max PCI scsi drive number to 16.
* The device on IO4 has gotten incorrect APIC routing, update
   link2.asi to fix it.
* Fixed some issues with the Option ROM's of some VGA cards
   which failed to boot up the system and hang at post code 49h
* Enable IO APIC on IO4
* Fixed a MP-BIOS error that indicated 8254 timer has not been
   connected to IOAPIC error by remove the INIT2 from legacy
* Fix CPU temp offset has not been programmed properly
   problem by reverse the Offset programmed on both CPU.
* Empty CPU socket will now report no temperature



TYAN  Thunder K8WE (S2895) V1.02
New features and Fixes :
* Updated nVida nForce SATA/RAID firmware to v5.53.07
* Added RAID 5 support for the nVidia nForce SATA/RAID
* Resolve issues with nVidia MAC address all "FF"
* Improved Option ROM scanning order
* Resolved booting issues with some RAID cards
* Resolved booting issues with mixed nVRAID configurations
* Added IOMMU option
* Updated nVidia PXE to version 2.17

NOTE: If you are running a current OS installed with nVidia nForce driver v6.39 and bios version v1.01, you will need to re-install your OS using at least nVidia nForce driver v6.66 and bios v1.02.



TYAN  Thunder K8WE (S2895) V1.01
New features and Fixes :
* Added PowerNow! option in setup
* Added Hardware monitoring features in setup
* Added Tyan System Monitor Support
* Set boot menu pop up hot key as F9
* Updated NVRAID Option ROM
* Updated nVidia PXE Option ROM
* Added "IOMMU" setup option in the bios
* Added support for Dual Core CPU's
* Fixed an issue with the Last-State power function
* Fixed some PCI-X device Option ROM does not scan or
   initialize correctly

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