Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) BIOS

  Current BIOS Revisions


Boot Disk - Refers to either a Windows 95 or Windows 98 boot disk. Any other type of boot disk might load memory resident programs which will interfer with the flash process. Make sure you hit the F5 key when the boot disk first starts running to make sure no other programs are loaded in the back ground without your knowledge.

Bios Flash Package -  Unzip the entire bios package to a seperate clean floppy.  Insure there are 3 files that are unpacked during the unzip process


Two separate diskettes are needed. The first diskette is the Windows 95/98 Boot Disk. The second diskette should contain the 3 files needed to flash the bios.  These files are provided when you unzip the bios flash package from the website.


At the A: prompt simply type in "
flash" and the rest will be handled by the files included in your download.






TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.109
New features and Fixes :
* Updated DMI string for better TSM support
* Add support for new BIOS chip SST49LF040B
* Add AMD CPU errata 169

09/13/06 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E108
New features and Fixes :
* Updated the RTC functionality
* Added enable/disable option in the bis for ACPI
* Added patch for AMD8131 revision B2 chipset

07/03/06 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E107
New features and Fixes :
* Updated Sil 3114 Option ROM to v5.0.64
* Updated CPU module to fix AMD PowerNOW! issue
* Fixed an AMD dual core CPU POWERNOW! issue
* Fixed an issue with Console Redirect where it woudl hand
   during memory test when using more than 4GB of memory
* Added AMD errata #62
* Fixed the 3XCDM card memory count issue

03/30/06 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E106
New features and Fixes :
* Added AMD errata #131
* Updated the Silicon Image Option ROM to v5.0.64
* Updated AMD PowerNOW! support for single and dual core
* Fixed an issue where the system woudl hang during
   memory count if using console redirect and 4GB or above
   of memory

11/08/05 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E105
New features and Fixes :
* Updated memory speed detection issue
* Fixed an issue when the F2 key was pressed strange
   characters would show up on the screen
* Added AMD PowerNOW! functions and set default BIOS
   setting to [Disabled]
* Updated the hardware monitoring
* Updated Operton Dual Core CPU cache reporting
* Added a bios option to choose between PCI or embedded
   VGA chipset
* Added a feature to support Keyboard Error reporting to be
   [Enable/Disable] in the BIOS

08/25/05 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E103
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed an issue where the system would halt on error
   during POST

06/28/05 6


TYAN  Thunder K8QSD Pro (S4882-D) V.E102
New features and Fixes :
* This is the first BIOS release

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