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  Cooling Tips for AMD K6-2 and K6-3 Users :

    We want to share some tips on how to "keep your computer system cool" with your S1590/S1598 Trinity and AMD CPU combination. AMD K6-2 and AMD K6-3 processors can and will draw enough current to make the CPU and the motherboards components get a little hot. Eventually this causes a system to be un-stable. As a suggestion, we are offering thermal solutions to Tyan customers. We recommend using the following methods for keeping the Trinity S1590/S1598 and K6-2/K6-3 combination cool enough for a stable system.

    • Use CPU thermal compound. Use generous amounts over the processor, in-between the CPU and heat sink/fan. This actually helps fill in the gaps between the two surfaces and spread the temperature more evenly with this combination.
    • Use chassis fans, especially if you have a lot peripherals installed. Consider using a large tower case to regulate ambient temperature effectively (that is if you don't have one already).
    • Lower the CPU core voltage down by one tenth of a volt. For example, if you have a AMD K6-2 450 with a recommended CPU core setting of 2.4v, simply lower the CPU core voltage down to 2.3v. Keep in mind that AMD K6-2 and K6-3 CPU's vary in CPU voltage sensitivity and may not necessarily work when the voltage is lowered. However, this does not harm the motherboard or the processor when doing this.
    • Use an AMD recommended Heat Sink and Fan combination. More information here from AMD web site:
    • Another recommended Fan vendor:
      SmartCooler GmbH - &

  Cooling Tips for Dual Slot 1 Users :

    In response to the concern that there is limited space between CPUs on the Tiger 133 (S1834), Thunderbolt (S1837) , and Thunder 2400 (S2257), Tyan has tested two CPU heatsink/fans from that will improve cooling.

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