Trinity 371 (S1857) FAQ  Updated 07/07/03

  1. Where can I get TYAN motherboard jumper settings for Pentium III CPUs 500MHz and above?
    There is no need to worry about setting the correct jumper settings for a Pentium III 550MHz and 600MHz because the CPU multiplier is hardwired into the CPU and changing jumper settings will not make any difference.  The BIOS will automatically detect the correct CPU speed that is installed.
  2. How do I bypass keyboard detection on systems with no keyboard?
    On BX boards equipped with AMI BIOSs, enable the "Quick Boot" option in the Advanced Setup menu.  This will bypass the keyboard check and allow you to boot up without error.
  3. Why is the video screen scrambled after entering the BIOS setup?
    Some video cards ( Diamond FireGL AGP, Viper 330 AGP, or 3D Labs chip AGP cards) BIOS is not compatible with AMI WinBIOS.  You can use text mode BIOS to fix the video problem.  This text mode BIOS is available from BIOS download site.
  4. I got an error message "Memory conflict with AGP card" in Win95 device manager.  What´s the solution?
    This conflict is caused by the vxd file provided with Win95.  This bug has been fixed in Win98.

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