Tomcat i815e (S2060) FAQ Updated 07/07/03

  1. After my system boots and detects the hardware, I get black screen with cursor blinking on top of the screen.  What should I do?

    Recovery method for any TYAN motherboard that uses an AMI BIOS and is a BX chipset or higher -


    File to program (unzipped) on a clean floppy disk with no other files.  Keyboard used must be PS/2 (you cannot use USB or wireless).

    1. Download the file to program and rename the file to amiboot.rom
    2. Copy the renamed file, "", to a clean floppy diskette with no other files on the diskette.  DO NOT MAKE IT BOOTABLE!
    3. Next, power off system and place the diskette with the renamed file into the floppy disk drive.
    4. While holding the "Ctrl" and "Home" keys down together, turn the system power on.  NOTE: there will be no display during this procedure.
    5. Once the A: drive is initialized, let go of the keys.  Afterwards, the floppy disk drive will program the new BIOS version.  The Process takes approximately 10-15 seconds.
    6. The system will indicate programming completion of the BIOS with a beep or a series of beeps.  Thereafter, it is safe to turn off the system.
    7. Clear the CMOS.

      File to program - Refers to the actual BIOS file that is downloaded from the website.  You must always run a winzip program on the file to insure that it is in the appropriate .rom or .bin format before flashing.
  2. Why won't my system work when I use 3 sticks of PC133 memory?

    The actual 82815ep MCH chipset spec calls for support up to 2 sticks of double sided memory or 3 sticks of single sided memory.
  3. Why does the screen go black with a white blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen when I use my Pentium 3 933/100 gig cpu's with a 1.01 version of the bios?

    You must use bios version 1.03.  If you use the amiboot.rom recovery method to flash to the 1.03 bios you will have proper usage of your system.
  4. I am running Win2K with Service Pack 1. I installed the ATA drivers and the VGA drivers but I am getting an ?- UNKNOWN PCI DEVICE or ! - PCI DEVICE in Device Manager.

    When running Win2K on the S2060 you must install the Intel 8xx INF drivers.
    1.  Insert TYAN CD v2.70 (or higher) and goto Intel_8xx\i8xx_INF\Disk 1\
    2.  Run SETUP.EXE
    3.  Restart computer after installation completion.
  5. Why is my system not stable?

    Instability can be traced to many different causes that all surround the heat sink and fan.  The one cause most associated with instability is heat.  9 times out of 10 the heat sink is not installed properly on the cpu itself.  The heat sink must
    be installed perfectly flat upon the cpu with the proper amount of heat sink compound between the cpu and the heat sink.  There simply can be no daylight between the heat sink and the cpu.  The other issue is that the heat sink and fan simply are not rated high enough to disperse the heat from the cpu in a timely fashion.

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